Video Conferencing Feature Comparison

  Zoom Google Meet
Meeting capacity 300 (500 with large meeting license) 250 for faculty, 100 for staff
Recording Yes Yes (permanent recordings for faculty, 30 day temporary recordings for staff)
Create meetings directly from Google Calendar Yes Yes
Integration with Canvas Yes No
Presenting/share screen Yes Yes
Closed captioning Yes (automated and assigned typist) Yes (automated)
Polling Yes Yes
Breakout rooms Yes Yes
Meeting moderation controls Yes Yes (remove and mute participants, turn off screen share, turn off chat)
Waiting room Yes Yes (turn off 'quick access')
Attendance reports Yes Yes (faculty only; meetings must have at least 5 participants)
Virtual backgrounds/blurred backgrounds Yes Yes
Whiteboarding Yes Yes (opens in Google Jamboard)
Reactions/raised hand Yes Yes
Q&A Yes In development (or use Google Slides)
Chat Yes Yes
Webinars/live streaming Yes Yes (live streaming is available for faculty only)