Courtesy Parking Pass

Who Uses Courtesy Passes?

Courtesy Passes are for employees. Courtesy Stamps differ. They are for guests.

Courtesy Parking Passes are for employees. Requesting departments pay $50 per pass, per the calendar year. Passes cover two or fewer hours of parking outside an assigned lot. These are for work-related needs such as deliveries, carrying heavy equipment, or multiple department locations.

Courtesy Parking Guidelines

Limited Courtesy Passes are issued per lot. Once full, a lot becomes unavailable.

  1. A Courtesy Pass is issued only to someone with an existing parking permit. It cannot be used in visitor or metered lots.
  2. The passes are valid in university-owned parking lots or garages only (not between buildings, sidewalks, etc.).
  3. Both Courtesy Pass and parking permit must be displayed -- pass on the dashboard or lower left-hand corner of the windshield and permit hung per usual. Failure to do both results in a violation.
  4. Your department must submit a Courtesy Pass Request Form
  5. The Access Services will review each request. Outstanding violations or previous misuse result in denial.
  6. Displaying a courtesy pass or hang tag that has been canceled, altered, defaced, counterfeited, or reported as missing results in a $100 fine in addition to all of the foregoing fines. 
  7. Access Services will conduct random audits of courtesy pass usage.  Anyone misusing their pass may have their courtesy pass privileges revoked without notice. 
  8. Courtesy Pass holders are not to use their pass for all day parking nearer to their building than their assigned parking lot.
  9. Passes are unavailable for lots: 1B, 10, 13, 27, 33, 48, 51, 52, 52A &B, 66A & B.
  10. Medical Assist Parking requests go to:
    • university Health Services at 216.368.6720 (Short-Term Disability).
    • Equal Opportunity & Diversity at 216.368.8877 (Long-Term Disability).
    • All approved temporary medical parking must be picked up in person at Access Services by the permit holder.