Parking Garages & Lots

There are 13 parking structures and over 50 surface lots containing more than 13,000 spaces near the Case Western Reserve University campus. 

All parking lots are constructed, maintained, operated, and administered through parking fees which are paid by all patrons. Parking regulations for Case Western Reserve University are published on an annual basis, both in print and on this website. There are no free parking areas on campus! For more information, see the parking rates for each available lot. 

After-hours Parking

Several lots are available to permit holders after normal business hours, 4:30 p.m to 7:30 a.m., and on weekends. Use must be requested.

  • Surface lots - 1A, 44 & 47
  • Garage Structure - 53 & 55 (lower level only)
  • Garages 55 and 46 require a valid CWRU ID card.
  • S-29 and S-53 require a separate access card. There is a $10 deposit for the card.
  • The last time you can enter any after-hours parking lot/garage is 3 a.m. weekdays. You must be out by 7:00 am Monday - Friday.
  • After-hours spaces may be filled by assigned permit holders or special event parkers.

You may be denied access to certain after-hours lots if a special event is happening. If this happens, please use a different after-hours parking lot. After hours parking is a privilege we offer to full-time parking permit holders.

Full Lot

When an assigned lot is full, spillover lots are available. Permit holders should call Access Services at 216.368.2273 for the closest spillover lot.

Designated Parking Areas

Several lots serve only one facility or department. Access services and CWRU Security enforce this. These include:

  • Weatherhead Visitor Spaces
  • Dively Center Visitor Spaces
  • BioEnterprise Visitor Lot

Parking Garage Clearances

Lot Location Clearance
Lot 29 Campus Center (Severance) 7'0"
Lot 46 E 118th (upper) NRV 7'0"
Lot 46 E 118th (lower) NRV 8'2"
Lot 53 Adelbert, Veale 7'2"
lot 55 Medical School (Permit Section) 7'7"
Lot 55 Medical School (Visitor Section) 8'4"
Lot 54 Ford Road 6'6"