General Restrictions

Lot 82

All vehicles must be registered with Parking Services.

  1. Permit holders are permitted to park in their assigned lot, but specific spaces are not reserved.
  2. Permit holders must display a current hang tag from the rearview mirror so that it may be viewed from the front of the vehicle. No more than one vehicle may be parked under the same permit (which is numbered).
  3. No individual may possess more than one active permit.
  4. All motorized vehicles must have a parking permit unless in a visitor parking area.
  5. All vehicles must be parked in marked parking spaces. (For example, not in fire lanes, grassy areas, or an unmarked section of the lots.)
  6. No vehicle shall be parked to extend beyond one marked parking space.
  7. All vehicles shall park head-in when using angled spaces.
  8. Except for flat tires, jump starts, and similar unavoidable problems, vehicle maintenance and repairs are not permitted in the parking areas or on other institutional property.
  9. Consistent use of loud radios or audio alarms in resident lots (4, 5, 46 & 57) may result in parking privileges being revoked.
  10. In special circumstances, due to construction activities, emergencies, and other matters, parked cars may have to be moved or reassigned to alternate lots.
  11. Parking Services and LazParking assume no responsibility for the loss, theft, or damage to parked or impounded vehicles.
  12. Small car parking spaces are reserved for small cars only. Small car designation excludes not just large vehicles, but all SUVs, station wagons, minivans, and crossover vehicles as well.
  13. All permit holders should not pay the attendant if their gate card is not working properly. Please accept a due bill and contact Parking Services within five days.
  14. Due bills will become violations if not paid within seven calendar days. Due bills cannot be appealed.
  15. Vehicle storage over 24 hours is prohibited unless approved in advance by Parking Services.
  16. Permits that are not picked up will be charged a restocking fee of $25.
  17. Electric charging station spaces are reserved for charging electric cars only. Electric cars must be utilizing the charger. Violators will be ticketed.
  18. The usage of all utilities (power and water) must be preapproved by Parking Services. Violators will be ticketed.
  19. No vehicles can be covered in any lot.