Weekend Guest Permits

Having a visitor drive in for the weekend? Come on over to Access Services to get a weekend parking permit for them!

Weekend parking permits are valid Friday at 4:30pm through Monday at 7am and can be acquired for parking lots 5, 44, 46, 47, 57 or 78.

If the CWRU Student has an active permit, then they may receive three (3) weekend permits free of charge per academic year. Any weekend permit acquired after the free ones have been issued are $20 each.

If the CWRU Student does not have an active permit, then the weekend permits are $20.

These permits cannot be purchased over the phone or online. Valid times and days of permit are not able to be extended or changed.

Access Services cannot issue any weekend permit before the Thursday that the permit is set to be active. The CWRU Student must be present at time of purchase, but the guest does not need to be. If the parking lot of choice requires access (5, 46, 57, and 78), the access will go on the CWRU Student ID card.

Employees who live on campus are also eligible to purchase these permits.