Student Parking Permit

This information applies to students only.

Beginning June 22nd, students may purchase semester parking permits using the Online Parking System, beginning at 5:01 pm or in person at Access Services in Crawford Hall Lower Level at 9:00 am on June 23rd. 

Your parking options depend on whether you will be attending a graduate or undergraduate student program for the academic year.

Please select a date after July 1, 2023, as a start date. If you select a date before this date, you will be required to come to Access Services to receive a temporary hangtag.

Double check the lot you are purchasing before you complete your transaction. Refunds for incorrectly selected parking lots will take 10-15 business days minus a $25 restocking fee.

Parking permits are sold with the option of 2 expiration dates (end of fall or spring semester), but you choose your start date. Please note that if you select your permit ending Spring 2024, you may have it begin Fall 2023. 

Undergraduate commuter parking options are: Lot 46 NRV Garage (north quad), Lot 47 Murray Hill Road (south quad)

Residential parking options are: Lot 46RC (the NRV garage) for Northside residents, Lot 57 for Southside residents, Lot 78 for Triangle Residents Only

Graduate commuters parking options on for the south side are: Lot 44 and Lot 53 (Veale Garage)

Graduate commuter parking for North Side are: Lot 29 (KSL/Thwing Garage) and Lot 46 (NRV Garage)

Important Information

  • Our system also allows us to mail the permit to you via US Postal Services.  Please be sure that you choose the correct address to which you want the permit mailed. Permits are mailed 10 days before the start date of the permit. If permit start less than 10 days of the date of purchase it will not be mailed.
  • Permits will not be mailed to University addresses.
  • If you would like to purchase parking for the entire academic year (both fall and spring semesters), select the permit for spring 2023 and select your fall start date. These permits will include winter break. 
  • Permits that are requested to be mailed will be mailed ten days before the start date of the permit.

Permit Pickup Deadline

The deadline to pick up your permit from access services is 4 p.m., Friday, August 25, 2023.


Permits not picked up will be charged a $25.00 restocking fee and refunded the remaining balance, minus any outstanding violations.

Forfeited permits will be sold to students on the waiting list. 

Access our online parking system.