Rules and Regulations

A list of guidelines is available from SP Plus, the university’s parking lot partner.

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Case Western Reserve University is one of three members of Central Parking Operation (CPO). The entity includes University Hospitals and University Circle, Inc.

SP PLUS manages CPO lots.

Regulation Enforcement

Standard Parking or CWRU enforce parking violations. Fines are $25 to $100 with a penalty for paying late, after 10 days. Fines can be paid by cash or check. Faculty and staff may face payroll deduction.

Violations include:

  • No permit
  • Expired meter
  • Blocking traffic
  • No parking area
  • Permit tampered
  • Non-disabled in a disabled zone
  • Parking in area not designated as space
  • Taking up 2 spaces.
  • Blocking entrance
  • On sidewalk
  • Blocking traffic
  • On Grass
  • Service vehicle area
  • Fire lane
  • Loading dock.

Towing/Wheel Locking

Vehicles with two or more unpaid tickets after 10 days are subject to towing or wheel locking, in addition to late fees. Any vehicle parked in a fashion which interferes with traffic or creates a safety hazard is subject to immediate towing.

Towed Vehicle Release

Towed vehicles are kept at the Standard Parking impound lot at 12100 Euclid Avenue. Vehicles are released only to registered owners or immediate relatives. Owners must have a valid government-issued ID. Payment is limited to cash, VISA or MasterCard. Daily storage fees are added to the original towing charge. Wheel-locked vehicles require the same procedure and cost $100.

Parking Advisory Committee (PAC)

The PAC reviews parking policies and procedures and makes recommendations to university administration. The PAC also considers requests for special parking accommodations resulting because of special job requirements or other circumstances. The PAC includes two faculty members, two staff members, two graduate students, two undergraduate students and a representative of the Access Services. Members serve for two years. The chairperson of the committee is appointed by the Vice President of Finance.

Parking Lot Security

Case Western Reserve’s Security Department provides 24-hour security coverage to campus lots.

Best ways to avoid a parking ticket

  • Buy a parking permit
  • Register your vehicle
  • Do not park in reserved spaces
  • Park in your assigned area
  • Do not park in a service drive
  • Leave handicap spaces empty (unless you have a handicap placard or plate issued in your name)
  • If you get a ticket, pay it on time

How to avoid mobilization (booting) on campus

  • Do not accumulate two or more tickets
  • Do not park in a handicap zone
  • Do not park in a restricted zone or fire lane

Other Tips

  • You are responsible for anyone parking your vehicle or utilizing your permit on campus.
  • Parking permits are non – transferable.
  • All students, faculty, staff, temporary employees & contractors must register their vehicle and obtain a parking permit to park on campus.
  • You are responsible for all fines assigned to your vehicle or permit.