Rules & Regulations

Tow Truck

Towing & Wheel Locking

Vehicles with two or more unpaid tickets after 10 days are subject to towing or wheel locking, in addition to late fees. Any vehicle parked in a fashion which interferes with traffic or creates a safety hazard is subject to immediate towing.

Case Western Reserve University is one of three members within the Central Parking Operation (CPO), which also includes University Hospitals and University Circle, Inc. LazParking manages all garages and lots on campus. It is operated on a "user fee" basis. To park in a permit parking area, a hangtag permit must be obtained from Parking Services.


Parking Advisory Committee (PAC)

The PAC reviews parking policies and procedures and makes recommendations to the university administration. The PAC also considers requests for special parking accommodations because of special job requirements or other circumstances. The PAC includes two faculty members, two staff members, two graduate students, two undergraduate students, and a representative of Parking Services. Members serve for two years. The Vice President of Finance appoints the chairperson of the committee.


Waiting List Policy

Case Western Reserve University faculty, staff, and students are eligible for placement on one waiting list. When a waiting list exists, a faculty, staff, or student member must go to the Parking Portal and place their name on the list for the desired lot. When a space becomes available in the parking facility, the first individual on that list will be notified in writing via university email. Individuals who do not respond within the set period will be removed from the list. It is the responsibility of the individual to update the contact information on file. The university reserves the right to move individuals outside of the waitlist policy when it is in the university's best interest.


    General Restrictions

    Tips to avoid tickets and wheel-locking:

    • Buy a parking permit
    • Register your vehicle
    • Do not park in reserved spaces
    • Must park your assigned lot
    • Do not park in a restricted zone, fire lane, or service drive
    • Do not park in a handicap zone (unless you have a handicap placard)
    • If you get a ticket, pay it on time
    • Do not accumulate two or more tickets