Summer Parking

General Information
CWRU Faculty & Staff Members
CWRU Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Students
CWRU Summer Housing Guests
CWRU Contractor & Temporary ID Cardholders
Available Summer Parking Lots

Important Dates

  • Early May – All student parking waiting lists dissolve and become inactive until Fall semester. (Faculty/Staff waiting lists are not affected by this.)
  • Early May – STUDENT (Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Student) summer permits go on sale online and at Access Services. (If you have a permit valid through the end of the Spring semester, you will need to bring it with you when you come to purchase your summer parking.)
  • June 1st or Next Business Day, 9 am – Employees/Temporary/Contractors (CWRU Faculty and Staff) summer permits go on sale in Access Services.
  • Mid August – All summer permits expire. 

General Information

Summer parking is sold temporarily. Your permit becomes effective when you purchase it and ends on the expiration date punched, written, or scratched off on the hangtag (minimum one week/7 days). There is no grace period at the end of that time. The charge is based on the lot assignment and the duration of the permit. Summer parking cannot extend beyond the Sunday before the beginning of the Fall Semester. You must have your CWRU ID card with you if purchasing summer parking in person at Access Services.

All permits become effective on the date of purchase. Monthly permits expire one month (30 days) from the date of purchase; other as stated above.  Other expiration dates are based on the program's length or the end-of-summer parking. Current rates are available online, and we will post the new rates for July 1 online in late May or early June.

There are no transfers, cancellations, or refunds for any summer permits. Ensure you know which lot you are purchasing for your summer permit before the transaction is finalized, and you leave Access Services.

View current monthly parking rates through June 30, 2024.
Rates will be subject to change after July 1st of each year.

Any noted summer parking abuse by any student, employee, or other persons will result in the permanent revoking of summer parking privileges.

CWRU Faculty & Staff Members

Faculty members on leave for the summer must turn in their parking permit(s) and parking/gate card(s) to Access Services to have their parking payroll deduction temporarily suspended. Access Services will hold your parking space until your return in the fall. Your permit will not be placed on hold until an Access Services Team Member receives it. Summer suspension is available from mid May through the day prior to the Fall semester.

Employees must bring their current hangtag and gate card (if applicable) to purchase a different lot for summer. 

  • It can be payroll deducted or pre-paid at Access Services. 
  • An income-based discount does not apply for pre-paid summer parking.
  • The employee must return to their original assigned parking at the end of employee summer parking before the summer.

Summer parking does not affect your waitlist status. Faculty/Staff waitlists will not be called from early May through mid-September to accommodate summer parking.

CWRU Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Students.

Online summer permits will be available as of early May. If you need a summer permit before this date, please come to Student Access Services Center at the Tinkham Veale University Center (TVUC) during business hours. 

Summer permits are available online and purchased in person at the Student Access Services Center in the TVUC. If you need a summer permit before the sale date, email Access Services at with details. If you currently have an active spring permit, PLEASE BRING IT WITH YOU when you come to purchase summer parking.

A temporary summer permit does not guarantee a permit in the same lot during the academic year.

CWRU Summer Housing Guests

The online permit will not be available until early May. If you need a summer permit before this date, please come to Access Services during business hours. 

Summer Housing Guests are not current/enrolled students or CWRU affiliated but temporarily stay in CWRU campus housing for various summer programs.

Obtain your temporary parking.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button that says “CWRU Housing Guest Login Only.” If you have created an account before, please login here. If you have not yet created an account, please click “register here” to create an account. From there, you will be able to purchase parking for the exact dates needed for your stay. Once purchased, you must print your permit and display your driver’s side vehicle.

Note: If you use a rental vehicle, only purchase your permit for the length of time you know you will have that vehicle. The license plate number will print on your permit, and it must match your current listed vehicle. You may purchase a new permit if you obtain a new rental car.

The parking lots available for summer housing guests are the following:

  • Lot 57, south side top of the hill
  • Lot 46, north side
  • Lot 78, Triangle guests only

CWRU students or employees who purchase summer housing guest permits online will be refunded minus a $20 processing fee. 

CWRU Contractor & Temporary ID Cardholders

Parking is available for contractors and temporary ID cardholders year-round in limited parking areas. Other lots become available on the first business day in June.

Contractors and anyone with an ID card with the “temporary” status may purchase summer permits at the beginning of June and cannot extend beyond the Sunday before classes begin for the fall semester. Contractors and Temporary ID Cardholders must bring a current hang tag and gate card (if applicable) to purchase a parking lot for summer.

Summer parking must be pre-paid at Access Services at a minimum of one week at a time. At the end of summer parking, the Contractors and Temporary ID Cardholders must return to their original assigned parking area before the summer term (if applicable).

Available Summer Parking Lots

Not all lots are available for summer parking. Only lots 44 (Murray Hill and Adelbert), garage 46 (NRV parking structure between E. 115 and 118), lot 47 (Murray Hill and Adelbert behind the Art Studio), structure- 53 (Veale Parking Structure on Adelbert Road), structure- 29 (under the Kelvin Smith Library and TVUC), lot 57 (Carlton Road), lot 82 (near the Maltz Performing Arts Center and Dental Clinic), and lot 78 (Triangle Garage) are available for summer parking. Please note that lots 57 and 78 are for resident students only. These lots are subject to last-minute change due to availability.

S-53 and S-29 require gate cards for access. If you parked in one of these structures during the school year or have an after-hours pass, you should still have your access card if you wish to park in either structure this summer. You must have your access card with you when you purchase summer parking so that it can be assigned to your new permit. The replacement fee for an access card is $25.00. If you did not have a permit for S-29 or S-53, a $10.00 deposit is required for the gate card. The permit holder can only purchase a gate card at Access Services.
If you have any questions, call Access Services at 216.368.2273 or email us at