General Parking Instructions

Permits must be properly displayed from rearview mirrors at all times. If your rear view mirror does not accommodate your permit, please affix the permit (photo side out) to the lower left hand (driver's side) corner of your front windshield. If you forget your permit, contact Access Services BEFORE pulling in to your lot. 

Lot 46 residential permit holders MUST park on the third level or higher in the structure. If you are found parking on a lower level, the permit holder may receive a citation.

If your Case ID does not allow you to access your parking structure, please call Access Services immediately (216/368-2273) and we will correct the situation. 

If your gate card for lots 29 or 53 malfunctions, pull a visitor's ticket and bring both your gate card and your ticket to Access Services for validation. If you cannot make it to Access Services the same day, request a due bill upon exiting. Never under any circumstances pay the attendant. We are unable to refund these payments. If you receive a due bill, bring it to Access Services within five calendar days to get it waived. If we receive it after the 5th day, you will be obligated to pay the due bill in full. Please note that after 7 calendar days, it will escalate to a full violation fine that cannot be appealed or waived.

After hours access is from 4:30 pm until 7:30 am Monday through Friday. If you remain in the lot after 7:30 am, you will be ticketed. The last time you can enter all CWRU lots is 3:00 am.

After hours access to gate controlled lots are not guaranteed. If your gate card does not work, DO NOT PULL A VISITOR TICKET. Simply park in an alternative after-hours lot and contact Access Services during business hours. 

Please discard expired hang tags. Vehicles displaying more than one hang tag may receive a parking violation.

Access Services is located in Crawford Hall, room 18. Business hours are 9am-4pm, Monday through Friday. We can be contacted at 216/368-2273 or at