Permit Information

Motorist Assistance

Standard Parking offers permit holders, in campus  lots, the following assistance.  These services are unavailable on city streets. Contact Standard Parking at 216.791.6226

  • battery starts

  • flat tire inflation

  • vehicle lockout

  • emergency gasoline (at cost)

Hangtags, Gate Cards, and ID Access

Hangtag permits must be hung from the rearview mirror. Tampering with a hangtag may result in towing, a $100 fine, and loss of parking privileges. Permits follow the owner and may be used in an owner’s other cars or rental cars. Hangtags may not be sold. Replacements cost $25 for those using CWRU ID access and $50 in lots without CWRU ID access. Gated lots require a programmed card or university ID. Replacement gate cards or IDs cost $25.

Disability Parking


Handicap parking spaces are available for faculty, staff, students, and visitors with disabilities. Employees with disabilities receive space in their chosen lot. Other reasonable accommodations are made upon request. Faculty and staff must provide certification of disability from the university's Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity. Students must provide certification from Educational Support Services.


A student or staff member who needs to park closer because of injury or temporary disability may request a reassignment to the lot that will best serve their needs. Educational Support Services certifies students who require temporary accommodation. University Health Services certifies faculty and staff for the same.

Parking Enforcement

Case Western University Security and Police enforce parking regulations. Lot manager Standard Parking distributes violation notices in lots just off campus. Standard Parking processes all tickets.

Appeals Process

Citations must be appealed to Standard Parking within 10 days. Non-permit holders must include the penalty fee with the appeal. Permit holders are not required to do so. The Standard Parking administrator rules on the appeal. Denied appeals can be heard by the Parking Appeals Committee.

Bus Services

Circle Link buses transport employees, students, and visitors in to reach university Circle institutions. The service runs every 23 minutes from 6:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and every 35 minutes from 12 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Sunday. Bus route schedules and maps are available at various locations. Other transportation options are also available.

Courtesy Stamps

Courtesy stamps pay guest parking for an attended visitor lot. Charges are then billed to the department. The Human Resources policy manual explains. These are different from Courtesy Passes.

Parking Garage Clearances

Lot Location Clearance
Lot 29 Campus Center (Severance) 7'0"
Lot 46 E 118th (upper) NRV 7'0"
Lot 46 E 118th (lower) NRV 8'2"
Lot 53 Adelbert, Veale 7'2"
lot 55 Medical School (Permit Section) 7'7"
Lot 55 Medical School (Visitor Section) 8'4"
Lot 54 Ford Road 6'6"