Instrumental Locker Policies and Requests

Academic Year 2021-22

The safety of our community is our top priority. Due to safety restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, certain limitations and protocols will apply to student lockers. Please follow all guidelines and instructions carefully.

Housed in Denison Hall, the Department of Music provides lockers in a variety of sizes to accommodate the storage of instruments as well auxiliary equipment, books/scores, and personal effects. Students may request a locker through an application process. 

Graduate students in the Historical Performance Practice Program are eligible to request instrumental lockers located in Haydn Hall. 

Applications are limited to music majors ONLY through the first full week of August for their primary instrument. We ask that music majors wait until the end of Drop/Add (2nd Friday of the fall semester) to request a second locker for their storage needs. 

Eligible CWRU students participating in Department of Music ensembles may apply for a locker beginning August 10, and at any time through the remainder of the school year. 

Anyone unable to secure a locker may ask to be put on a waiting list for the next available locker.

Locker Request Form

Locker requests are processed by the Music Office every Mon. and Wed. morning.


  • Available to any current CWRU student participating in Department of Music ensembles or music education classes that require the student to store an instrument. 
  • Locker assignments are determined by the specific storage needs of the student's primary instrument and students may apply for a secondary locker if the need is justified. Note that there may be limitations due to locker inventory. 
  • Students must use the combination lock provided to them by the Department of Music. Note that any unauthorized locks will be cut off. 
  • Locker assignments are for no more than the current academic year and must be vacated by the first Monday after final exams in the spring semester. Note that any remaining locks will be removed and contents turned into the Music Office. 
  • Any locker that is found occupied without authorized assignment will be opened and the contents removed.
  • Neither the Department of Music or Case Western Reserve University are responsible for the loss/damage of personal articles stored in music lockers.
  • Neither the Department of Music, nor its representatives (faculty, staff, graduate assistants, or student workers) will, at any time for any reason, allow students to gain access to a locker that has been issued to another student.
  • Year-End Procedures: This information pertains to all current students with instruments and/or lockers. 
  • Summer Term: Students who are attending summer courses may apply for summer-only (May 15-August 1) assignment by permission of the Music Office.
  • Students should email if they vacate a locker before the end of the academic year. 

What may be stored in a Department of Music locker

Department of Music lockers are primarily for the storage of musical instruments and other personal property. All lockers are subject to search at any time by University personnel. Prohibited items (defined in the Student Code of Conduct) found in lockers will be surrendered to Campus Police and the student will be reported to the Dean of Students | Division of Student Affairs

The following are prohibited

  • Food, drink, or other perishable materials.
  • Illegal articles including dangerous weapons, combustible and/or explosive devices. 
  • Drugs, narcotics, alcohol or other controlled substances, tobacco products, and/or smoking devices.

Violation may result in the immediate termination of the Locker Agreement

Keep them clean! Lockers should be kept free of trash or other debris. Posters, papers, fabric, markers, stickers, etc. may not be used to decorate or customize lockers. Note that a student will receive one written warning. If no action is taken locker access will be revoked and contents removed. 

How to Apply

Apply for a Department of Music locker by submitting the Locker Request & Agreement Form. If approved, you will receive your locker assignment via email from a Department of Music representative. 

Students with questions should visit the Music Office during walk-in hours or virtual office hours

For more information regarding the locker policies, contact

Secure Access to Controlled Rooms and Storage Lockers

Controlled Rooms and Storage Lockers are used for group instruction courses. Students are issued access ONLY if they are officially enrolled in the course: Marching Band, Percussion Ensemble, Popular Music Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and specialized Music Education courses. 

For access to these controlled spaces, please submit the Responsible Use & Security Awareness Agreement

Access is provided at the discretion of the director/faculty member. All responsibilities outlined above for individual student lockers apply to controlled storage spaces.