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For general information and upcoming events:

Department of Music

Case Western Reserve University
Phone: 216.368.2400
Building: Haydn Hall, 201 | Location Code: 7105

For a complete listing of department faculty and staff, please visit the online directory.  

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For Department of Music Facilities, service requests, building access (card swipe), room reservations, key orders, instrumental lockers, practice rooms, secure rooms or storage lockers, general office supplies, and event logistics:

Mr. Nicholas Strawn

Case Western Reserve University
Building: Denison Hall, 157 (next to Wade Commons)

Visit the Music Facilities Policies and Operating Procedures page

For undergraduate admission, academic programs and recruitment, general bulletin, student handbooks, schedule of classes/SIS, lesson registration, classrooms, calendars, graduate/faculty offices, digital news/publicity or print materials, and student office staff:

Ms. Jennifer Wright

Coordinator, Department Operations & Undergraduate Recruitment
Phone: 216.368.2400

For personnel, graduate admission, financial reporting, records/databases, travel, procurement, purchasing, catering, and subscription advertising:

Ms. Laura Stauffer

Department Administrator
Phone: 216.368.0117

For The Core Mac Computer Lab, to reserve AV equipment, audio recording services, and web updates:

Dr. Ken Wendt

Coordinator, Information Technology | Adjunct Instructor
Phone: 216.368.5456

For Undergraduate Studies in Music (BA) or the minor in music, first-year advising, and piano accompanists:

Mr. Eric Charnofsky

Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies, Music (BA)
Coordinator of Undergraduate Enrollment and First-year Advisor
Staff Accompanists
Phone: 216.368.1602

For Undergraduate Studies in Music Education (BS):

Dr. Matthew Garrett

Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies, Music Education (BS)
Phone: 216.368.2496

For Graduate Studies in Music Education:

Dr. Lisa Huisman Koops 

Head of Music Education
Coordinator of Graduate Studies, Music Education
Phone: 216.368.2430

For Graduate Studies in Musicology:

Dr. Francesca Brittan

Coordinator of Graduate Studies, Musicology
Phone: 216.368.2032

For the Historical Performance Practice program:

Dr. Peter Bennett

Head of Historical Performance Practice
Phone: 216.368.0156

For Popular Music Studies:

Dr. Daniel Goldmark

Director of the Center for Popular Music Studies
Phone: 216.368.2526