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General information and concerts/events:

Department of Music
Phone: 216.368.2400
Visitors and Deliveries: Haydn Hall, Rm. 103 | Location Code: 7105
Office Hours: Department of Music Calendar 

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Performances and musical facilities/equipment:

Nicholas Strawn
Performance and Operations Assistant
Office: Denison Hall, Rm. 157 (next to Wade Commons)
Phone: 216.368.2297
General reporting/requests: 

Preparing and presenting musical performances, rehearsal/practice room scheduling, building/card access, instruments and equipment, lockers/storage, maintenance requests, piano tuning, weddings, and student AV technicians and operations/events team.

Undergraduate admission, academic programs, lesson registration, accompanying services:

Jennifer Wright
Manager of Department Operations and Undergraduate Recruitment
Coordinator of Accompanying Services
Office: Haydn Hall, Rm. 103
Phone: 216.368.2400

Undergraduate recruitment/admission (visits and open house programs), auditions, academic programs/activities, operations support, general bulletin, student handbooks, schedule of classes (SIS), music lesson registration, staff accompanists, classroom scheduling, calendars, digital news/publicity, print materials, and student office staff. 

Graduate admission, personnel, financial reporting, and special event planning:

Laura Stauffer
Department Manager
Office: Haydn Hall, Rm. 101
Phone: 216.368.0117

Personnel/HR, graduate admission, financial reporting, records/databases, travel, procurement, purchasing, payroll, memos of assistance, reimbursements, purchase orders, independent contractors, booth rentals, special event planning (including festivals, conferences, receptions, catering), and subscription advertising.

Technology and AV equipment:

Ken Wendt
Coordinator, Information Technology
Office: Haydn Hall, Rm. 16
Phone: 216.368.5456
Email: or

The Core Mac Computer Lab, AV equipment reservations, web updates, technology installations and maintenance, selecting and purchasing new or replacement hardware/software, and student computer lab monitors.

Faculty Representatives

Dr. Nathan Kruse
Department Chair
Office: Haydn Hall, Rm. 306
Phone: 216.368.0675

Undergraduate Studies in Music (BA) or the minor in music:

Dr. Benjamin Helton
Acting Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies in Music (BA)
Office: Haydn Hall, Rm. 307
Phone: 216.368.2361

Undergraduate Studies in Music Education (BS):

Dr. Ryan Scherber
Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies in Music Education (BS)
Office: Haydn Hall, Rm. 302
Phone: 216.368.0624

Graduate Studies in Music Education:

Dr. Lisa Huisman Koops 
Head of Music Education; Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Music Education
Office: Haydn Hall, Rm. 303
Phone: 216.368.2430

Graduate Studies in Musicology:

Dr. Francesca Brittan (sabbatical F24)
Head of Musicology; Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Musicology
Office: Haydn Hall, Rm. 315
Phone: 216.368.2032

Fall 2024:

     Dr. David Rothenberg
     Acting Head of Musicology and Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Musicology 
     Office: Haydn Hall, Rm. 201
     Phone: 216.368.6046

Graduate Studies Historical Performance Practice:

Dr. Julie Andrijeski
Head of Historical Performance Practice
Office: Haydn Hall, Rm. 204
Phone: 216.368.2412

Dr. Peter Bennett
Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Historical Performance Practice
Office: Haydn Hall, Rm. 301
Phone: 216.368.0156

Popular Music Studies:

Dr. Daniel Goldmark
Head of Popular Music Studies; Director of Center for Popular Music Studies
Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary Initiatives and International Affairs, Office of the Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Office: Haydn Hall, Rm. 213
Phone: 216.368.2526