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Centers and Partnerships

Kulas Music Collection 

Learn more about the Kulas Music Collection.

Kelvin Smith Library CWRU

During the summer of 2020, the Kulas Music Collection relocated to the first floor of the Kelvin Smith Library



Kulas Collection of Historical Instruments

Kulas historical period instruments

The Department of Music maintains an impressive collection of modern reproductions of early instruments. The Historical Performance Practice program offers a wide range of ensembles from Medieval to romantic, and the Kulas Collection of historical instruments (renaissance, medieval and baroque string, wind, and brass instruments) is available to all students. The program also owns a wide range of historical keyboard instruments (French, Italian, and German Harpsichords, a continuo organ, and two fortepianos).

Center for Popular Music Studies 

The Center for Popular Music Studies (CPMS) exists to promote scholarship and teaching about the history and significance of popular music, which includes collaborations and partnerships with institutions in Cleveland and around the world. The goals and objectives of the CPMS include: supporting collaboration between researchers and historians of popular music, investigating and creating new approaches to teaching popular music (including performance), providing opportunities for graduate students to learn about popular music in an active, critically robust program, and advancing emerging research in popular music through sponsorship of visiting scholars.

Joint Music Program

Exterior photo of Cleveland Institute of Music

Since 1968, Case Western Reserve University and The Cleveland Institute of Music have participated in an integrated music program at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Joint Music Program (JMP) allows students at both institutions to take advantage of the resources of a major research university in the context of a liberal arts education as well as those of a leading conservatory. Read more about this partnership.