Room Schedules

View the links below for the various room schedules. CWRU Network ID/Single Sign-On required to view full event details on public calendars or to access Google Calendars.

Operating Schedule

Music Operating Schedule (CWRU Music faculty and staff)

Classrooms + Rehearsal Rooms

Denison Hall Complex 
Public Calendar Google Calendar
Denison Hall Complex  
Denison Classroom (DCR) view in Google Calendars
Denison Rehearsal Hall (DRH view in Google Calendars
Wade Rehearsal Hall (WRH) view in Google Calendars
Spartan Rehearsal Hall (SRH) view in Google Calendars
Harkness Chapel/Classroom
Public Calendar Google Calendar
Harkness Chapel  view in Google Calendars
Harkness Classroom  view in Google Calendars
Haydn Hall - Google Calendars only
Studios + Offices Classrooms
Haydn 15 (HPP students only) Haydn 207 
Haydn 19 (HPP students only) Haydn 311 
Haydn 05 MuEd Grad Office  Haydn 312 
Haydn 08 Musicology Grad Office Haydn 16 (The Core Computer Lab)
Haydn 10 MuEd Resource Room (MERR)  

Practice Rooms

Practice rooms in Haydn Hall and Denison Hall are available to music majors, ensemble members (MUEN), and students enrolled in applied music lessons (MUAP).

Practice Rooms + Modules - Google Calendars only
Denison Hall Haydn Hall
Denison Module 158 Haydn 209 
Denison Module 159 Haydn 210 
Denison Module 180 Haydn 211 
Denison Module 182 Haydn 212 
Denison Module 184 Haydn 301 (HPP students only)
Denison Module 186  
Denison Percussion Studio  
Denison Classroom (DCR)  


Summer Canter <>

  • Denison Hall
  • Harkness Chapel
  • Practice Rooms (Haydn Hall and Denison Hall)
  • HPP Studios

Jennifer Wright <>

  • Haydn Hall Classrooms (207, 311, 312)
  • Harkness Classroom