Rooms and Reservations

View calendars and submit a reservation request by following the steps below.

*** Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) affiliates or individuals/organizations not affiliated with CWRU should proceed to the "External Groups" section below.

Room Schedules

Click the links provided below to access the public room schedules:
Denison Building Schedule  Harkness Chapel Schedule
Haydn Hall Building Schedule Harkness Classroom Schedule

Note: CWRU affiliates with a Network ID can also view room schedules in the Spartan Reservation System

Reserve a Room 

The Spartan Reservation System can be used by students, faculty, and staff to request rooms and services in a vast majority of buildings located at Case Western Reserve University, including those in the Department of Music. Users will find several request forms because each building has different booking rules and processes.

    Reference Guide: Looking for more information and instructions on how to process a reservation using the Spartan Reservation System? Click here to download the Reference Guide

      Before you begin...

      • Review our Policies and Operating Procedures
      • Building/room descriptions are provided on our Facilities page.
      • When making a reservation, the start/end times should be on the quarter hour/half hour/full hour, and include setup/teardown time. 
      • Make sure to return to the system to cancel any booking(s) that you will not use
      • Quiet Hours begin at 11:00 PM and no activities will be booked past 10:00 PM
      • Rooms are generally not available to reserve during university holidays or breaks

      Photo of Haydn 312

      CWRU Students/Faculty/Staff

      Do you have a CWRU Network ID? Please use the Spartan Reservation System to create a reservation request online.

      Spartan Reservation System

      Rooms You Can Reserve

      These spaces can be booked up to 2-hours before an event and require no additional approval from the Music Office:

      • Haydn Hall: Practice Rooms, HPP Studios
      • Denison Hall: Practice Modules, Percussion Studio

      Rooms You Can Request

      These spaces must be booked at least 48 hours in advance and require approval from the Music Office:

      Photo of Harkness Chapel

      External Groups

      CIM affiliates or individuals/organizations not affiliated with CWRU can use our external request form to submit a reservation in Florence Harkness Memorial Chapel

      Our Event Planning Guide will help with event preparation and publicity. 

      Reservation Request 

      Special Events

      Ready to plan your special event? CWRU students, faculty, and staff or External Groups should use the Event Application to plan a special event (professional development, single-day or multi-day conference, lecture, panel, workshop, retreat) that may require more than one room. An External Group must be sponsored/hosted by a CWRU Affiliate in the Department of Music (with a Network ID).

      Do not use this form for everyday reservations or Harkness Chapel events.

      Our Event Planning Guide will help with event preparation and publicity. 

      Event Application


      Jennifer Wright
      Academic program support (classes/reviews/exams/meetings/offices/common spaces), degree recitals, accompanying services, classroom scheduling, calendars, digital news/publicity, print materials, and general office supplies.

      Nicholas Strawn
      Preparing/presenting musical performances, musical facilities/equipment, scheduling spaces for musical activities (auditions/lessons/workshops), service requests, piano tuning, building access, weddings, student operations staff, and booking recording services. 

      Ken Wendt
      The Core Mac Computer Lab (HY 16), AV equipment reservations, web updates (bios/directories/integrated videos/digital forms), technology installations/maintenance, digital archives, and YouTube account.

      Laura Stauffer
      Invoices, honorariums, reimbursements, purchasing, rentals, travel, receptions, festivals or conferences, special events, catering, and subscription advertising.