Buildings + Access

The Department of Music strives to maintain a safe, secure, and productive environment for musical creation by university groups and individuals. We make every effort to serve the needs of the community as equitably as possible while preserving the integrity of our buildings and upholding university policies.


Card swipe/after-hours access to Haydn Hall and Denison Hall for music majors will automatically activate and renew each academic year until graduation. Access for ensemble members (MUEN) or students taking lessons (MUAP) will begin the Monday after the drop/add period in the fall semester and expire at the end of the academic year. Access will expire due to a change in status or position, end of enrollment in ensembles or lessons, or separation from the university.

  1. Music faculty and music majors have priority over departmental spaces. 
  2. Buildings should be utilized for programming and functions consistent with the registered purpose of the organization. 
  3. No food or beverages (except sealed water bottles) allowed in classrooms or practice rooms; absolutely no alcohol permitted.
  4. Providing refreshments or catering services inside our buildings must be approved by the music office. Before exiting the venue, all trash must be thrown away with the garbage bags placed outside in a designated area. Otherwise, custodial fees will be charged in the amount of $60/hour.
  5. No smoking or vaping anywhere on the premises.
  6. Markings, tape, nails, staples or glue cannot be used on any surface (walls, floors, woodwork, glass, etc.).
  7. Do not place anything on top of the keyboard instruments.
  8. Property owned by the Department of Music is not available for public use. Do not take items from our classrooms or buildings without permission from the music office.
  9. Storing equipment prior to an event is generally not available. 
  10. Be a good neighbor – put rooms back in proper order and stack/return equipment. When leaving, do so in a respectful manner. Be aware that extra transition time may be needed between academic ensembles and classes.
  11. Keep all rooms clean from garbage – ensure the room is left in a good state. Extra trash bags can be provided by request.
  12. Keep doors closed – exterior doors should never be propped open. If you see a door propped open, please close it. Keep studio or classroom doors closed when playing music and respect other musicians. Make sure to secure everything before leaving.
  13. Do not keep personal belongings–particularly those of value–unattended or in an unlocked room. CWRU is not responsible for any items left behind or stolen.
  14. Animals are not permitted inside any buildings. Service animals are permitted on University-controlled property and in buildings while they are performing tasks for the individual they accompany. Domesticated pets are permitted outside on campus grounds when leashed and properly attended at all times.
  15. No open flames – candles, incense, lanterns, torches, etc.
  16. Lost and Found items can be left with event staff or delivered to the music office in Haydn Hall, 103 (during business hours).
  17. University Quiet Hours begin at 11:00 PM – activities will not be scheduled past 10:00 PM.
  18. Report any issues ASAP – see the Reporting Repairs or Emergencies page to address a maintenance request or to report an emergency.
  19. For special services or accommodations, please contact Nicholas Strawn, Performance and Operations Assistant.
  20. If the music office receives any reports of misuse, one written warning will be given. If reports continue, permission to use departmental spaces will be revoked.
  • Weekday access from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (until 9:00 PM in Harkness Chapel)
  • Weekend access by card swipe 
  • Buildings will remain locked after-hours or during holidays and campus closures unless the department requests open hours

Unlock Requests

If you have an event scheduled after-hours or on the weekend and expect attendees outside the campus community, please work with Nicholas Strawn, Performance and Operations Assistant.

Request card swipe/after-hours access to Haydn Hall or Denison Hall by submitting the Music Building Access Request. Please request access for the summer term prior to May 15.

Skip this step if you intend to enroll in ensembles (MUEN) or lessons (MUAP) in the fall term. 

The music office can request Affiliate IDs (individuals without a CWRU or CIM ID) if card swipe/after-hours building access is required. Affiliates can request access by submitting the Music Building Access Request. Access Services notifies the requestor (music office) and the affiliate when issuing the credentials and ID card. This process takes several days. 

Starting the Monday after the drop/add period, report trouble with card swipe access to or submit the Music Building Access Request

Music majors with percussion as a primary instrument and students taking percussion lessons will be issued access to a Percussion Studio lockbox. The Percussion Studio can be used by reservation; walk-ins are permitted when the room is not in use. 

Read the terms/conditions and submit the Responsible Use & Security Awareness Agreement

Ensembles members playing percussion or drum set can rehearse in the rooms in which their ensemble meets during by reservation; walk-ins are permitted when the room is not in use. A building monitor or professional staff member can assist with room and equipment access, including drum set lockers or percussion cages. 

  • Percussion Ensemble: Spartan Rehearsal Hall
  • Popular Music Ensemble: Denison Rehearsal Hall
  • Jazz Ensembles: Wade Rehearsal Hall

Questions: Please contact Nicholas Strawn, Performance and Operations Assistant

The Responsible Use & Security Awareness Agreement should be completed to request access to controlled rooms, studios or storage areas in Denison Hall, Harkness Chapel or Haydn Hall. Access is provided at the discretion of the operations staff. 

These areas include: 

  • Percussion studio and cages
  • Tuba or low brass storage room
  • Harp storage room
  • Marching band storage room
  • HPP studios
  • Audio recording studio in Harkness Chapel

Read the terms/conditions and submit the Responsible Use & Security Awareness Agreement

Secure access will be granted only to students who need access to controlled rooms and secure storage areas. University-recognized student organizations or activity groups are not eligible.


The Department of Music maintains offices, classrooms, practice rooms, social spaces, student lockers/workspaces in Haydn Hall and Denison Hall, and a performance (with recording studio) and lecture hall in Harkness Chapel/Classroom.

Haydn Hall cover photo

classrooms, practice rooms, public lounge, computer lab, student spaces, choral library

Denison Hall, Spartan Reh Hall exterior

rehearsal rooms, practice modules, percussion studio, lockers, music library

Harkness Chapel Classroom (back of room)
(Marvin Fong / The Plain Dealer)

lecture hall (inside Harkness Chapel), meeting location for the Music Colloquium Series

Performance Venues

All performances held in the Maltz Performing Arts Center as part of the Silver Hall Concert Series or in the Florence Harkness Memorial Chapel as part of the CWRU Music Concert Series are FREE and streamed LIVE. For a unique experience in Cleveland, enjoy chamber music at museum galleries or jazz and pop music at notable venues like Grog ShopBob Stop, or Happy Dog.


Resources and collections for the research/study of music exist in Kulas Music Library (Kelvin Smith Library) and Robinson Music Library (Cleveland Institute of Music). 

Kelvin Smith Library CWRU
Kelvin Smith Library
Cleveland Institute of Music