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Haydn Hall ground view of fountain
MuEd faculty and students at Midwest 2022
Theodore Schwamm
Theodore Schwamm
CWRU Department of Music Announces Choral Composition Contest Winner
Theodore Schwamm, a 4th-year undergraduate student at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, has been announced as winner of the 2023 Choral Composition Contest.
Greg Banaszak, Saxophone Faculty, Joint Music Program
Greg Banaszak, Saxophone Faculty, Joint Music Program
On campus and abroad: A Q&A with a saxophone professor enriching musical education
The Daily sat down with Banaszak to learn more about his journey and how he’s evolved throughout his career in the Joint Music Program.
Erin Hopkins, Music Education, PhD
Erin Hopkins
Music Education PhD candidate Erin Hopkins earns award for 2023 SMTE Symposium presentation, "Enacting the Neurodiversity Paradigm in Music Teacher Education"
In her presentation, Hopkins synthesized her research findings and teaching practices relating to teaching students with autism, ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental conditions.
Nemeth Headshot July 2023
Samuel T. Nemeth
Music PhD candidate Samuel T. Nemeth gives talk at Penn State, “Battle of the Bands: Adolphe Sax’s Sonic Fusillades and the Military Politics of Timbral Homogeneity”
Nemeth's presentation examined the Belgian inventor Adolphe Sax’s brass instrument inventions and their connection to French artillery and long-barreled firearms of the 1840s and 1850s. 
The Haven Music Lounge (Haydn Hall, Rm. 100)
A “Haven” in Haydn: Historical room reopens as student lounge
Within Haydn Hall, The Haven offers a new study space for students on Mather Quad, equipped with couches, a microwave and study tables.
CWRU Symphony Orchestra, Silver Hall
Maltz Performing Arts Center
CWRU Symphony Orchestra, Silver Hall
Think you don't like classical music?
If you’re still not sure classical music is your “thing,” check out the following recommendations from students and faculty members from the Department of Music.