Music Colloquium Series

Music Colloquia provide a weekly forum for presentation and discussion of recent research by distinguished visitors, CWRU faculty, and graduate students in musicology, historical performance practice, and music education.

All Colloquia begin at 4:00 PM (Eastern Time) and will be offered virtually through the Spring 2021 semester. Members of CWRU and the wider Cleveland community are heartily welcome, as are students and colleagues at other institutions.

For Zoom meeting links to individual presentations, please contact Sophie Benn.

Full schedule below. Find detailed information in our Upcoming Events

Music Colloquium with Prof Georgia Cowart

Spring 2021

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Jan 29 | Philip Ewell (Hunter College), Ellie Hisama (Columbia University), and Tammy Kernodle (Miami University): Round Table on Inclusion, Diversity, and Music Pedagogy 

Feb 5 | George Blake (Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities, CWRU): "The Social Construction of Racial Harmony: Musicking, Marketing and Memory in Cleveland, Ohio"

Feb 12 | Jason Hanley (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame): “Towards a Theory and Practice of Public Musicology”

Feb 19 | Kathleen Horvath (CWRU): “The Relevance of Making Music during COVID-19”

Feb 26 | Jacqueline Avila (University of Tennessee): “Memorias de oro: Music, Memory, and Mexicanidad in Pixar’s Coco” [sponsored by the Center for Popular Music Studies]

March 5 | Francesca Brittan (CWRU): “Orchestras of the Mind: Neurology, Organology, and the Politics of Psyche” 

March 12 | Sabine Feisst (Arizona State University): “U.S.-Mexico Border Chords & Discords: Perspectives on the Changing Sonic Ecologies in the American Southwest”

March 26 | Carlos Abril (University of Miami): “Whom Do We Serve? Whom Do We Leave Behind?: Equity and Access in Music Education”  

April 5, 4:30 PM | Kelly St. Pierre (Wichita State University)"Folksong and Ethnic Cleansing in Central Europe" [Joseph and Violet Magyar Lecture, Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities]

April 9 | Nina Eidsheim (UCLA): “Sensing Home: Documenting and Experimenting in Everyday Life”

April 16 | Glenda Goodman (University of Pennsylvania): "Materiality, Labor, and the Intimacies of Early American Music Books" [sponsored by the Center for Popular Music Studies]

April 30 -new date- | Matthew Garrett (CWRU): “Honoring Trans and Gender Expansive Students in Music Education”

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