Lockers + Borrowing Instruments

The Department of Music provides lockers in a variety of sizes to accommodate the storage of instruments as well auxiliary equipment, and personal effects. 

Continuing below for borrowing instruments and year-end closing procedures.

Reserve a Locker

Music Majors
  • Applications are limited to music majors ONLY from August 1st – 10th for their primary instrument or music education methods classes.
  • Historical Performance Practice graduate students can request instrument lockers in Haydn Hall at any time during the academic year.
Ensemble Members
  • Eligible CWRU students in department ensembles may apply for a locker beginning August 10th and through the academic year.

Submit a Locker Request and Agreement

Locker Policies

  • Lockers are assigned based on the storage needs of the primary instrument.
  • Any locker found occupied without authorized assignment will be cleared out.
Secondary Lockers
  • Students may apply for a second locker after the drop/add period.
  • Limitations may apply due to low inventory.
Combination Locks
  • Students must use the combination lock provided to them by the department. 
Duration or
  • Locker assignments are made for the entire academic year and must be vacated by the Monday after final exams in the spring semester. 
  • Students should email if they vacate a locker early.
  • Locks or contents left behind will be permanently removed.
Keep them clean!
  • Lockers should be kept free of trash or other debris.
  • Posters, fabric, markers, stickers, etc. may not be used to decorate lockers.
Loss or
  • Neither the Department of Music or Case Western Reserve University are responsible for the loss/damage of personal articles stored in music lockers.
Sharing Access
  • Students are not allowed to share/gain access to a locker that has been issued to another student. (at any time for any reason) 
Summer Term
Prohibited Items
  • Food, drink, or other perishable materials.
  • Illegal articles include dangerous weapons and combustible or explosive devices. 
  • Drugs, narcotics, alcohol or other controlled substances and tobacco products or smoking devices.
  • Students will receive one written warning to address minor infractions. If no action is taken, the locker will be revoked.
  • Prohibited items (defined in the Student Code of Conduct) found in a locker will be surrendered to campus police and the student will be reported.
  • Violations may result in the immediate termination of the locker agreement.

Borrowing Instruments or Equipment

Borrowing an Instrument
  • The Department of Music maintains a limited inventory of instruments for student use in ensembles and special circumstances. 
Transporting Equipment
  • Property of the Department of Music is not available for public use or external events.
  • The use of equipment for a campus event requires authorization from the music office.
Approving Authority
  • Nicholas Strawn, will facilitate the authorization process and loan contract after consulting with the appropriate inventory manager (ensemble director).

Student Guide to Borrowing an Instrument

Returns/Renewals and Closing Procedures

The information below pertains to all music majors and ensemble members with instruments and/or lockers, and students interested in summer access. 

Returns/Renewals and Closing Procedures