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Statement for Concerts/Events:
Individuals attending Case Western Reserve events are expected to be fully vaccinated, including boosters if eligible. All visitors and members of the university may choose whether to wear masks indoors on campus, unless they are in clinical settings, including the dental clinic, or have received university approval for an exception. We encourage everyone in the campus community to respect individual choices to wear a mask. Please remember that those with COVID-19 symptoms should stay home. University leaders continue to monitor pandemic developments and will adjust health protocols as circumstances warrant.

Canva Design digital/print publicity and programs (requires training and login credentials)

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Department of Music Building Access Request after-hours/card swipe

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Harkness Recording Services Request AV support in Harkness Chapel

Locker Policies music majors/ensemble members

Locker Request Form 

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Printing Services: FedEx Office (Thwing)

Room Schedules and Reservations

  • Fall calendars open July 10 - Dec 15 planning preview April 10 - May 10 
  • Spring/Summer open Dec 10 - June 15 planning preview Nov 10 - Dec 10

School-Owned Instrument or Equipment Request instruments for music majors/ensemble members or equipment for special events

Secure Access to Controlled Rooms & Storage Areas responsible use and security awareness agreement

Special Event Application CWRU Affiliates in the Department of Music should use this form to plan a special event. An External Group must be sponsored/hosted by a CWRU Affiliate in the Department of Music. 

Special Event Service Requests 

Submit to The Daily

Tinkham Veale University Center

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University Marketing and Communications



Routine Requests:
For Department of Music Facilities, service requests, building access (card swipe), room reservations, instrumental lockers, practice rooms, secure rooms or storage areas (lockbox access), and event logistics. Email or call 216.368.2297Include photos when possible.

In the event of an emergency:
Call the Campus Security emergency line at 216.368.3333 and report to or call 216.368.2297.

Building or Classroom locked:
Call the Campus Security non-emergency line at 216.368.3300 and present your reservation ID or course details. CWRU affiliates must also provide their Network ID. For rooms in Denison Hall or special events in Harkness Chapel call 216.368.2297.

After-hours facilities and emergency maintenance:
Call Customer Service at 216.368.2580 (plumbing, HVAC, electrical, custodial) and report to or call 216.368.2297.


(requires CWRU Network ID/Gmail login)

Artist Agreement
Invoice or Estimate Template
Presenter Agreement
Travel Reimbursement coming soon!
Supplier Information Submission Instructions
W-9 Form

Payment Options and Procedures


A single honorarium request per semester per person if possible. An Honorarium is a gift, NOT a fee for services provided. 

Qualifying questions for an Honorarium (per Accounts Payable):

  • Did CWRU hire them to do a specific job? 
  • Did they present a fee for said job? 
  • Was the amount agreed upon between us and them? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it would not be an honorarium. If you answered no to all of these questions then yes, it would be an honorarium. 

Forms/documents needed: 

  1. Honorarium Form: The individual can fill out and return it directly to CWRU via Box.
  2. Email: An email from the CWRU affiliate (requestor) sent to in the format/style of a thank you letter addressed to the individual with the total honorarium amount. Avoid descriptive words like “work” or “services” in your request. Example: "As a thank you, please pay (name) for their participation in a seminar or workshop as a guest speaker or panelist."
  3. Backup documentation: Printed or digital advertising, web listing, syllabus, etc. 

Most activities/events that the department does with individuals who offer service(s) will fall under the following categories and will receive some kind of contract:

Independent Contractors

This applies to anyone requesting a fee for their service(s) not affiliated with a business (with an EIN number). If a person is not part of a larger organization they fall under the University's Independent Contractor policy. 

Forms needed from the individual: 

  1. Supplier Form: The individual can fill out and return it directly to CWRU via Box.
  2. Estimate/Quote: Detailed scope of work for the entire year or project (hourly rate is important!). For example, if you are requesting that an accompanist work with an ensemble once per week during class times and their cost is $35.00 per hour, that information needs to be detailed on the estimate/quote. Documents should also include full name, address, date, and terms of payment (monthly or after the project is completed). 
  3. Invoice: This will be submitted to Laura Stauffer after the project is completed or monthly per the details of the estimate/quote.

Artist Agreement

This should be used when the department hires an artist/performer or extra players (ensemble ‘fill-ins’). It’s always helpful if the CWRU affiliate (requestor) sends Laura Stauffer an email explaining what the artist is going to do and how much is budgeted for the artist. 

Forms needed from the individual: 

  1. Supplier Form: The individual can fill out and return it directly to CWRU via Box.
  2. Estimate: see above
  3. Artist agreement: Filled out by the individual in conjunction with the CWRU affiliate (requestor).
  4. Invoice: Submitted to Laura Stauffer after the performance. 

Presenter Agreement

This should be used when the department brings in guest speakers (presenters, panel members, or headliner speakers). It’s always helpful if the CWRU affiliate (requestor) sends Laura Stauffer an email explaining what the presenter is going to do and how much has been budgeted for the presenter. Note: Colloquium should still use Honorariums since it’s a recurring series and the payment amounts pretty much stay the same. The exception to this rule would be for anyone brought in for more than a single (one) talk or a week-long residence.

Forms needed from the individual: 

  1. Supplier Form: The individual can fill out and return it directly to CWRU via Box.
  2. Estimate: see above
  3. Presenter Agreement: Filled out by the individual in conjunction with the CWRU affiliate (requestor).
  4. Invoice: Submitted to Laura Stauffer after the speaking engagement.

Payments to companies for services or goods

Purchase Order (PO): Set up before the purchase of services or goods from a company. Any amount over $5,000 requires two (2) quotes.

Forms needed from the company: 

  1. Supplier Form: The company can fill out and return it directly to CWRU via Box.
  2. Estimate/Quote: Must include a detailed scope of work.
  3. Invoice: Submitted to Laura Stauffer after the job is completed.

Payments to any CWRU employee or student 

This is a more difficult process since payment comes from a salary line vs non-salary (where individual budgets are managed). We are unable to move money from non-salary to salary, so it could potentially take away from something else if we don’t forecast the need during the budget proposal season (Jan/Feb for July 1 start date). 

Additional pay for CWRU employees 

This pertains to full-time faculty and lecturers on a yearly contract or salaried staff only. Any hourly staff would be considered overtime or flex time and much harder to approve. 

  • This MUST be set up ahead of any work being done.
  • Email Laura Stauffer with a Cc to the Department Chair requesting what an employee needs to do and why it’s above their normal job with CWRU. Once the email is received we will forward it to Dean's Office and they will decide whether or not it’s an allowable additional pay. Please note that all Department of Music staff are considered hourly and cannot work additional hours. 
  • For additional pay to undergraduate or graduate students in any department please see Laura Stauffer and Jennifer Wright. 


  • Submit the Travel Reimbursement Form
  • Please include all itemized receipts in a single PDF document. Each trip should be outlined separately.
  • Must have 4 digits of credit card showing on the receipts or a canceled check. 
  • Taxes are not reimbursable expenses.
  • Any meals must include the names of all attendees and the purpose for the meal.
  • No alcohol purchases. 

Important things to note for Accounts Payable

  • The Supplier Form or Honorarium Form is required if the company/individual is new in the system, hasn’t been paid in more than two years, or has a change in address. 
  • The Supplier Form or Honorarium Form must have an original signature and cannot be a digital font signature. 
  • Accounts Payable will use the address on the form(s) to send payment.
  • The Estimate and Invoice must include the name of the company/individual, address (work/home depending on the situation), date, estimate/invoice number, and scope of work. 
  • The address on an Estimate and Invoice must match the address on the Supplier Form.
  • Justification/backup submitted to Accounts Payable must be an official form of documentation (syllabi, program, advertising, etc.) and not just an email. 
  • The University’s standard policy is for payments to be sent out 45 days after the invoice date.

Accounts Payable

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Supplies for CWRU employees: Office supplies, technology, and furniture must be ordered through CWRU SmartCart. Please contact Jennifer Wright for office supplies, Laura Stauffer for furniture, or Ken Wendt for technology-related items. These purchases are not permitted PCard charges or reimbursable expenses.

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