Policies and Operating Procedures

Rooms and Technology

building and room descriptions

Room Schedules and Reservations
view calendars and submit a reservation request

The Core Computer Lab 
hours, software/hardware, reserve equipment

Access and Maintenance Forms

Piano Maintenance Request 
submit a piano maintenance request

Music Building Access Request 
card swipe access to music buildings

Locker Request 
music majors, ensemble members

School-Owned Instrument or Equipment Request
instruments for music majors/ensemble members or equipment for special events

Secure Access to Controlled Rooms & Storage Areas 
responsible use and security awareness agreement

Key Request 
university keys require department authorization

Building Hours

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM 
card access 

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM 
card access 

8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
closed (special events as scheduled)

Event Support

Jennifer Wright
Academic program support (classes/reviews/exams) meetings, offices, common spaces, calendars, digital news, publicity, print materials, and general office supplies.

Nicholas Strawn
Preparing/presenting musical performances, musical facilities and equipment, scheduling spaces for musical activities (auditions/lessons/workshops), service requests, piano tuning, building access, weddings, student operations staff, and recording services. 

Ken Wendt
The Core Mac Computer Lab (HY 16), AV equipment reservations, web updates (bios/directories), integrated videos, digital forms, technology installations and maintenance, digital archives, and YouTube content.

Laura Stauffer
Invoices, honorariums, reimbursements, purchasing, rentals, travel, receptions, festivals or conferences, catering, and subscription advertising. 

The Case Western Reserve University Department of Music strives to maintain a safe, secure, and productive environment for musical creation by university groups and individuals. The following policies and procedures describe which spaces are accessible and for what purpose. We make every effort to meet the needs of all parties as equitably as possible while preserving the integrity of our facilities and upholding university guidelines.

Find detailed building and room descriptions on our Facilities page.

Reporting Repairs or Emergencies

Routine Requests:
For Department of Music Facilities, service requests, building access (card swipe), room reservations, instrumental lockers, practice rooms, secure rooms or storage areas (lockbox access), custodial, or general repairs. Email music+facilities@case.edu or call 216.368.2297. Include photos when possible.

Report piano maintenance issues with the Piano Maintenance Request.

In the event of a safety or medical emergency:
Call the Campus Security emergency line at 216.368.3333 and report the incident by email to music+facilities@case.edu or call 216.368.2297.

Locked building or classroom:
During regular office hours in Haydn Hall, find a music staff member for assistance. For Denison Hall or special events in Harkness Chapel/Classroom call 216.368.2297. After-hours, call the Campus Security non-emergency line at 216.368.3300 and present your Network ID (CWRU affiliates) and reservation ID or course details.

Facilities Services and emergency maintenance:
(plumbing, electrical, HVAC)
You may contact Facilities Services through the Customer Service Center at 216.368.2580. After-hours, all calls get forwarded to Public Safety dispatch with only true emergencies addressed. Anytime you make a services request, please report it to  music+facilities@case.edu or call 216.368.2297

Room Schedules and Reservations

Reservations are granted as often as needed and upon confirmation with priority given to music majors and faculty. Every effort is made to match the first choice, but the Department of Music reserves the right to adjust space to accommodate as many requests as possible. We can provide space for activities to the extent that it is available. For more information and instructions on how to process a reservation, visit our Rooms and Reservations page.

Rooms and Reservations


  • Fall calendars open July 10 
  • Spring/Summer calendars open Dec 10 
  • QR Codes to online Room Schedules are posted on each door
  • The start/end times should be on the full hour (:00), quarter hour (:15 or :45), or half-hour (:30), and include setup/teardown time
  • Make sure to return to the system to cancel any booking(s) that you will not use
  • Quiet Hours begin at 11:00 PM and no activities will be booked past 10:00 PM
  • Rooms are generally not available to reserve during university holidays or breaks

Classroom/Rehearsal Rooms

Haydn Hall classrooms, Harkness Classroom, and Denison Hall rehearsal rooms are available to Department of Music students, faculty, and staff. 

  • Reservations require 5 business days in advance
  • Cancellations must be made 7 days from your reservation confirmation (24-hrs when booking within the 5-day window)
  • Reservations cannot exceed 2 hours (120-minutes)
  • Music majors are encouraged to book recurring (weekly) times for individual practice
  • CWRU ensemble members (MUEN) and music minors/non-majors taking lessons (MUAP) can reserve recurring (weekly) times following the Drop/Add Period
  • Authorized student organizations can book rehearsal rooms in Denison Hall during Active Hours
  • Classrooms can only be reserved during business hours unless the individual has after-hours (card swipe) access

Practice Rooms and Studios

Practice rooms in Haydn Hall and Denison Hall are available to Department of Music students, faculty, and staff, and music minors/non-majors taking applied lessons (MUAP) or ensembles (MUEN). Practice rooms are not open to the public.

  • Practice rooms are accessible after-hours by card swipe; walk-ins are permitted when not in use
  • Same-day reservations for practice rooms/studios can be made up to 2 hours before a session
  • Reservations cannot exceed 2 hours (120-minutes)
  • Graduate students in Historical Performance Practice or students taking lessons on period instruments can book the HPP Studios in Haydn Hall (requires specialized access)
  • Percussion majors or students taking percussion lessons can book the Percussion Studio in Denison Hall (requires specialized access)
  • Practice rooms should not be used for remote classes, study sessions, meetings, hangouts, lunch, etc. (including the Percussion Studio)
  • Practice rooms may be used by a faculty member as a teaching studio with approval from the Department of Music
  • Students taking lessons through the CIM Preparatory and Continuing Education Department are not given access to CWRU practice rooms/rehearsal spaces

Practice Room Locations:
There are 4 practice rooms with grand pianos located on the 2nd floor of Haydn Hall and 6 Wenger practice modules located in Denison Hall. There are 2 studios dedicated to the HPP program located in the basement of Haydn Hall. 

The Haven Lounge

This multi-use space (Haydn Hall, Rm. 100) is a public lounge where students, faculty, and staff can relax, socialize, and study. It is available by reservation for special events and can be used after-hours for rehearsals (by reservation).

  • Capacity: 50
  • Restroom: compliant single restroom
  • Equipment: (20) musicians chairs; (18) music stands; (1) upright piano with bench; tables and chairs; microwave

Booking Policies: 

  • open to the campus community MON-FRI before 5:00 PM
  • available after 5:00 PM and on weekends to CWRU Music students, faculty, and staff for musical activities (by reservation)
  • card swipe access to the building is required MON-FRI after 6:00 PM and SAT/SUN
  • reserve in advance for special events and after-hours rehearsals via the Spartan Reservation System (permitted during business hours with permission from Music Office)

For more information, please email music+facilities@case.edu. 

Harkness Chapel

This space is intended for special events, ensemble performances, student recitals, rehearsals, recording sessions, and academic activities. An external event requires a plan for review and approval by the Department of Music. As a first step, your request will be reviewed by our department operations staff. Additional fees may apply.

Visit the Harkness Chapel page to book your event.

CWRU Department of Music students, faculty, and staff can use the Spartan Reservation System to book everyday reservations, 48 hours in advance required. (e.g. routine rehearsals, tuning/maintenance). 

Plan Your Event

Our Event Planning Guide will help with event preparation and publicity. 

Special Events

Ready to plan your special event? CWRU affiliates and external groups should use the Event Application to plan a special event (single-day or multi-day conference, lecture, panel, workshop, retreat) that may require planning, budgeting, multiple rooms, equipment, supplies, catering, etc. An External Group must be sponsored/hosted by a CWRU Affiliate in the Department of Music (with a Network ID). 

Student Recitals

Current CWRU/CIM students can submit the Reservation Request to schedule a recital in Harkness Chapel.

Undergraduate students planning to substitute their Level Jury or Exit Jury with a recital should complete the Jury Petition Form by week 8 of the semester.

HPP graduate degree recital proposals are due by April 1 (fall recital) or Nov 1 (spring recital). Students should communicate their proposed dates to the Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Historical Performance Practice by the established deadlines. The CGS of HPP will communicate the finalized recital dates (during our exclusive calendar preview) to the music office. 

CWRU Student Organizations

University Recognized Student Organizations actively participating and contributing to musical life on campus (public performances, collaborating with department ensembles, community engagement), with an affiliation to the Department of Music (music faculty advisor and permission from the music office), may book events in Harkness Chapel schedule permitting (rental fees apply). There are some instances where additional service fees would be charged (professional audio recording or livestream use, reception is held, admission is charged, damage to the building or any equipment, etc.) The department reserves the right to deny any requests during the last 2 weeks of each semester to prioritize department events. Events can be booked past the last day of classes schedule permitting.

Recording Sessions or Services

Recording sessions or services can be requested by submitting the Reservation Request. See "Services and Equipment" on the Rates and Fees page. 

The Department of Music provides free recording services for the following events:

  • concerts by official Department of Music ensembles
  • recitals that are required for the completion of graduate degrees (HPP) and Capstone projects
  • all endowed recitals (Terr Ronis Recital, Concerto Competition)
  • performances by JMP chamber music courses that are offered exclusively to CWRU students (studio recitals not included)

Portable Recording Devices

We offer a number of portable audio recorders and video cameras you can use to record yourself. Recording devices can be reserved in advance by CWRU students, faculty, and staff. Users are responsible for transferring, manipulating, and uploading files. Contact Ken Wendt <musictech@case.edu> or visit The Core (Haydn Hall, 16).

Building Access

Request card swipe/after-hours access to Haydn Hall or Denison Hall by submitting the Music Building Access Request.

All music majors and students enrolled in ensembles or lessons will automatically be activated for after-hours access to Denison Hall and Haydn Hall. After-hours access begins the Monday after Drop/Add in the fall semester and expires at the end of the academic year. Please request access for the summer term prior to May 15.

Affiliate Ensemble Members: 
community members in ensembles, accompanists, piano techs, contractors, student staff

The music office can request Affiliate IDs (individuals without a CWRU or CIM ID) if after-hours building access is required. Affiliates can request card swipe access by submitting the Music Building Access Request. Access Services notifies the requestor (our office) and the affiliate when issuing the credentials and ID card. This process takes several days. 

Reporting Access Issues:
Starting the Monday after Drop/Add (either semester), report trouble with card swipe access to the music office by email (music+facilities@case.edu) or submit the Music Building Access Request

Specialized Access

Music students who require specialized access to Harkness Chapel/Classroom, HPP studios, Haydn Hall Computer Lab, or secure rooms/storage lockers in Denison Hall should follow these steps:  

Step 1 - Prior to requesting access: Receive authorization from your ensemble director, supervisor, and/or faculty advisor  
Step 2 - Complete the Secure Access to Controlled Rooms and Storage Areas Form
Step 3 – A tutorial can be set up to provide training on using the lockbox and associated software
Step 4 – Lockbox access will be activated and a copy of your security agreement will be kept on file 

Approving Authority: Music Facilities (music+facilities@case.edu)in consultation with the appropriate ensemble director, supervisor, or faculty advisor. 

University Keys

A limited amount of university keys may be issued to faculty, staff, and graduate assistants. Please complete the Key Request Form

Denison Hall and Ensemble Operations

This building operates with controlled access. The Spartan Rehearsal Hall (SRH), Wade Rehearsal Hall (WRH), and Denison Rehearsal Hall (DRH) will remain closed/locked when not being used by a CWRU music class or ensemble rehearsal. The Denison Classroom (DCR) will remain open at all times. Parking at the Denison Hall loading dock is not permitted. Only faculty with courtesy parking passes have this privilege.

Music majors, particularly those in chamber groups/small studio groups, pianists, and percussionists will be given priority when booking times to rehearse. The maximum rehearsal time permitted for a single student-led ensemble is 3 hours per week.

Special Events in Denison Hall: Please contact Nicholas StrawnPerformance and Operations Assistant

Active Hours: These hours fall outside normal operating hours when the building is secured but active with ensemble rehearsals, group rehearsals, and individual practice. A building monitor, professional staff member, or faculty member will be present in the building during Active Hours. Reservations can be made in advance, but walk-ins are permitted. Students must have card swipe privileges to enter the building.

Open Hours: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM 
Active Hours: 6:00 - 10:00 PM (reservations; card access required)
Quiet Hours: 10:00 PM - after (no reservations; card access required)

Active Hours: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (reservations; card access required)
Quiet Hours: 6:00 PM and after (no reservations; card access required)
special events as needed

Musical activities in rehearsal rooms must end by 10:00 PM.

University Recognized Student Organizations actively participating and contributing to musical life on campus (public performances, collaborating with department ensembles, community engagement), with an affiliation to the Department of Music (music faculty advisor and permission from the music office), may schedule a series of dates for one semester at a time in Wade Rehearsal Hall, Denison Rehearsal Hall or Denison Classroom. Student organizations are not to take the place of academic ensembles (MUEN) offered by the Department of Music. No outside activities will be booked in music spaces during orientation or the first week of each academic semester. Regardless of the number of sub-groups, a single student-led ensemble is permitted a max of 3 hours of rehearsal time per week during the regular academic semester. For example, if an organization has 3 sub-groups, each group is able to book 1-hour of rehearsal per week. 

Rehearsal rooms are busy spaces, often involving a significant amount of set-up prior to rehearsals. It is critical that all parties ensure these spaces are clean and all equipment is returned to its proper location.  If the use of these spaces results in an unreasonable inconvenience for academic classes and ensembles, access to these rooms will no longer be allowed. Please be respectful.

Percussion Studio

Music majors with percussion as a primary instrument and students taking percussion lessons will be issued access to a Percussion Studio lockbox/key. The Percussion Studio can be used by reservation; walk-ins are permitted when the room is not in use. 

Ensembles members playing percussion or drum set can rehearse in the rooms in which their ensemble meets during Active Hours by reservation; walk-ins are permitted when the room is not in use. The building monitor and/or professional staff member can assist with room and equipment access, including drum set lockers and/or percussion cages. 

  • Percussion Ensemble: Spartan Rehearsal Hall
  • Popular Music Ensemble: Denison Rehearsal Hall
  • Jazz Ensembles: Wade Rehearsal Hall

Questions: Please contact Nicholas StrawnPerformance and Operations Assistant

Instrumental Lockers

Please review the Instrumental Locker Policies to submit a request.

Borrowing Instruments or Equipment


The Department of Music maintains a limited inventory of instruments for student use. Our instruments and equipment are not available for public use. A policy has been put in place by the Ensembles Committee to have students complete and sign a contract when borrowing instruments or equipment for very special circumstances. Students are advised to first submit a request form.

Campus Events: The use of music stands, chairs, or equipment needed for a campus event requires authorization from the Music Office. Students and ensemble directors are advised to first submit a request form.

Approving Authority: Nicholas StrawnPerformance and Operations Assistant, in consultation with the appropriate ensemble director, supervisor, or faculty advisor. 

Instrument Returns or Renewals and Closing Procedures

This information pertains to all music majors and ensemble members with instruments and/or lockers, and students interested in summer access. View instructions for instrument returns/renewals and closing procedures.

General Housekeeping Rules

Department of Music facilities should be utilized for activities, meetings, gatherings, and functions consistent with the registered purpose of the organization. Any unauthorized use of space is prohibited. Under no circumstances can music equipment be transported or used outside of the facility. All persons using space or equipment shall be responsible for their own safety and shall be solely responsible for anticipating, knowing, and taking all necessary precautions relative to working with such equipment. All appropriate measures and usage practices must be followed, including, but not limited to policies and procedures, general housekeeping rules, or any manufacturer guidelines. The Responsible Party assumes all risk of property damage and liability for any and all costs associated with any claims, actions, or damage(s). Student operations staff members are often on-site to monitor building operations; regard for their authority is expected. 

  1. Music faculty and music majors have priority over departmental spaces. 
  2. No food or beverage is allowed in the rehearsal rooms, classrooms, or practice rooms except for water bottles with lids. Alcohol is prohibited. Absolutely no smoking or vaping anywhere on the premises.
  3. No markings are to be made on the wall or floors and nothing is to be set on top of the pianos or percussion instruments (drinks, food, clothes, bags, etc.).
  4. Our equipment is not available for public use and must remain on site. Nothing is to be removed from our classrooms or buildings without permission from the music office.
  5. Be a good neighbor – put rooms back in proper order and stack/return equipment. When leaving, do so in a respectful manner. Be aware that extra transition time may be needed between academic ensembles and classes.
  6. Keep all rooms clean from garbage and ensure the room is left in a good state.
  7. If the music office receives any reports of misuse, one written warning will be given. If reports continue, permission to use departmental spaces will be revoked.
  8. Keep doors closed – doors should never be propped open. If you see a door propped open, please close it. Keep studio doors closed and respect other musicians. Make sure to secure everything before leaving.
  9. We strongly recommend that you do not keep personal belongings, particularly those of value, in any unlocked room unless you are actively working that space.
  10. Lost and Found – please take items to the music office (Haydn Hall, 103) during business hours
  11. University Quiet Hours begin at 11:00 PM. Activities will not be scheduled past 10:00 PM.
  12. Report any issues ASAP – see the top of this page for reporting repairs and maintenance or continue below for security and emergencies

Public Safety

The Case Western Reserve University Division of Public Safety is dedicated to providing quality service, safety, and a positive educational experience for the campus community.

Contact CWRU Police

  • Emergency: 216.368.3333
  • Non-emergency: 216.368.3300
  • Tip Line: 216.368.3331
  • Non-Emergency Questions: publicsafety@case.edu

Safe Ride Program: These vehicles operate between 6:00 PM and 3:00 AM and can be requested via a free app (visit saferide.case.edu; call 216.368.3000, or download "CWRU Spartan Ride" from the iPhone App Store or Google Play). 

Walking Escorts: Request a walking or vehicle escort 24/7 (any time day or night) by calling 216.368.3300. 

Spartan Safe: (formally Rave Guardian) This safety app offers easy access to critical resources that you need the most. The free app—created through Rave Mobile Safety, which the university already uses to send emergency alerts via platforms such as email and text—provides a number of safety tools designed to keep you safe. Download Spartan Safe from the iPhone App Store or Google Play.