Recommended Music Courses for Music Minors and Non-Majors

Music Theory (MUTH)

  • MUTH 103 & 104: Music Theory I & II

Music History (MUHI) and General Musicianship (MUGN)

  • MUGN 201: Intro to Music I: Listening Experience I
  • *MUGN 212: History of Rock & Roll
  • MUGN 308 Digital Music:  Composition & Production
  • MUHI courses at 300 level (by permission of instructor)
  • MUTH 319: Jazz Skills (pre-req. MUTH 102, 104, or 106 or permission of instructor)
  • SAGES USSO and USSY courses in Music

Music Education (MUED)

  • *MUED 305: World Music in Education
  • MUED courses at 200 level (by permission of instructor)

Music Ensembles (MUEN)

  • All students are welcome to participate in ensembles. Auditions take place during the first week of the semester. Once auditions are completed students may request permissions in SIS to register for the appropriate ensemble course. For a full list of ensembles, including audition requirements and course information, please visit our Ensembles section.

Applied Music Lessons (MUAP)

*fulfills Global and Cultural Diversity Requirement