Double Major/Secondary Major/Dual Degree

At Case Western Reserve University we want to help students maximize their potential! The Music (BA) degree provides students the flexibility and academic freedom to combine a major in music with study in another discipline.

  • Double Major: Students can earn a BA with a double major in music and any other major offered in the BA program of the College of Arts and Sciences (for example, music and psychology, music and English, music and biology—the combinations are limited only by the areas of study available). No additional credit-hours beyond those ordinarily required for the specific degree (BA) are required, but students may need additional credit-hours to meet all requirements of the two majors. Students pursuing a double major will receive one diploma for the BA degree and each major will be noted on the diploma and the transcript.

  • Secondary Major: Students who wish to study both music (BA degree) and another field that calls for a BS degree can pursue one of two options. The first option is a BS degree in the non-music field with a secondary major in music. Students complete the general education and major requirements for the BS degree and only the music major requirements for the BA degree. Students pursuing a secondary major will receive one diploma for the BS degree and the music major will be listed on the diploma and the transcript as a secondary major.

  • Dual Degree: The second option for students who wish to study both music (BA degree) and another field that calls for a BS degree is a BA-BS dual degree. Students must satisfy all requirements for each degree program, including the major and general education requirements for each degree. Students must also complete an additional 30 credits beyond what is required for the BA or the BS degree independently. One of the more common dual degree combinations is a BA-BS in music and engineering. Students are able to complete dual degrees within a four-year timeline, with careful planning from academic advisors. Students wishing to pursue two degrees are encouraged to meet with an academic dean in the Office of Undergraduate Studies, to discuss requirements.