Minor in Music


Mr. Eric Charnofsky
Coordinator, Undergraduate Studies in Music (BA)

Undergraduate students can declare a minor in music without passing an audition. The minor in music requires 15 credit units of music courses, including: 


Music Theory (6 credits):

MUTH 103: Music Theory I (3 credits)
MUTH 104: Music Theory II (3 credits)

For former music majors, Theory I for majors (MUTH 101) may be substituted for MUTH 103, and Theory II for majors (MUTH 102) may be substituted for MUTH 104.

Note: credit earned through AP Music Theory or CIM Music Theory (MUTH 103) proficiency examination does not reduce the overall 15-credit hour requirement for the minor. The additional 3 credits may be taken in MUHI, MUGN, or an additional MUTH course with instructor permission.

Music History or Appreciation (6 credits):

Any two 3-credit courses drawn from MUHI or MUGN.

Electives (3 credits):

Any 3 credits in MUGN, MUHI, MUAP (applied lessons) or MUEN (ensembles).

Note: MUAP and MUEN courses may be taken for 1 or 2 credits each and can be used in any combination to fulfill this requirement. MUAP courses require an applied lesson fee.