Music Minor

The music minor requires 15 credit units: 6 in music theory (MUTH); 6 in music history or music appreciation (MUHI, MUGN); and 3 others, which may include applied lessons (MUAP) or ensembles (MUEN).


Music Theory (6 credits):

MUTH 103 – Theory I (3 credits)*
MUTH 104 – Theory II (3 credits)*

*For former music majors, Theory I for majors (MUTH 101) may be substituted for MUTH 103, and Theory II for majors (MUTH 102) may be substituted for MUTH 104.

Note that AP credit or MUTH 103 proficiency in theory does not reduce the overall 15 credit unit requirement for the minor, although the MUTH credits are reduced from 6 to 3 units.

Music History or Appreciation (6 credits):

Any two 3-credit courses drawn from MUHI or MUGN.

Electives (3 credits):

Any 3 credits in MUGN, MUHI, MUAP (applied lessons) or MUEN (ensembles). Note: MUAP and MUEN courses may be taken for 1 or 2 credits each and can be used in any combination to fulfill this requirement. MUAP courses require an applied lesson fee.

If you have questions regarding the Music Minor, please contact:
Eric Charnofsky
Coordinator, Music Minor