The Intersection of Art and Physics

Ryan Buechele, 4th year undergraduate, trumpet
Ryan Buechele

What do music theory and statistical mechanics have to do with each other?

The connection may not seem obvious, but it’s exactly what Ryan Buechele is studying in his senior project.  “I love seeing ways where the tools of physics can be applied to solve problems in other fields like biology, economics, and, of course, music theory,” he says. A CWRU senior pursuing both a B.S. in physics and mathematics and a B.A. in music, Buechele is working with Associate Professor Jesse Berezovsky on a project combining the tools of statistical mechanics and music theory.

Read more about this project in, "Intersections of Art and Physics Flourish at CWRU", by Hannah Messenger | 2020, Bachelor of Science in Physics, Bachelor of Arts in Music, Case Western Reserve University. 

Ryan will present this research at SOURCE Virtual Intersections, which take place May 6-7. 

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