Master’s (Thesis) Graduation

For Master's (Thesis) Candidates:

  • Final Certification of the Master's Degree — Complete the Certification Form with all relevant signatures. Submit form to the School of Graduate Studies with other final materials.
  • ETD Document Approval Form — Have this signed by you and your thesis advisor and submitted to the School of Graduate Studies. Offers important information about the electronic publishing process. (Our office only needs the second page)
  • If applicable, Student Status Form – To be submitted by students moving on to complete the doctoral degree.
  • If applicable, Request for Waiver of Registration — If you cannot meet the deadlines to complete all the requirements to graduate in one term but can finish before the next term begins, you can apply for a waiver of registration for the next term. You must be registered for at least one credit hour in the semester preceding the one for which you intend to use the waiver (includes Summer).

Steps to Completion

  1. Complete and submit the Application for Graduation through the Student Information System (SIS) by the posted deadline for the term.
  2. Work with your advisor and committee members to decide on a date, time and place for your final oral exam (defense). Note that the advisor has to agree that the thesis is ready to defend.
  3. Submit copies of your thesis to the members of your defense committee at least ten days before your defense date.
  4. Have your committee, advisor, and department chair/program director sign the Final Certification Form at the conclusion of your successful defense and after corrections to your thesis are made, as appropriate.
  5. Submit a completed copy of your thesis and accessibility check document as a .PDF file to the School of Graduate Studies ( for a format check. Information on how to meet accessibility requirements can be found on the Electronic Theses and Dissertation Guidelines page.
  6. Submit Final Materials (see below) to the School of Graduate Studies by the posted deadline.
  7. Upload the final, approved copy of the completed thesis as a .PDF file to OhioLINK. **Choose:** "Do not upload my paper to UMI..."

Final Materials

(All materials must be received no later than the posted deadline)

Submit the following documents to the Graduate Studies office or by emailing

Registration Requirement

All Master's (Thesis) students must be registered for at least one credit hour of 651 in the term in which they defend and/or graduate.