A Note to Our Graduate Students: April 2020

We hope you have settled into a new routine and are doing well. We want to provide several updates and reminders relating to academic matters.

P/NP Option Passed: In light of the disruption the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, the Faculty Senate has approved the proposal for graduate students to be able to choose the Pass/No Pass option for as many courses as they would like. We will work with students who do not meet the required number of graded units when they are ready to graduate. This option applies only to the Spring 2020 semester. Professors are not told which students are taking their courses Pass/No Pass. The grade is converted after submission of the evaluative grade. The P/NP form must be completed by 5pm on April 27.

Class Withdrawal deadline: The last day to withdraw from an individual class was March 27. In order to give students more flexibility the last day to withdraw from an individual class with a grade of "W" has been extended to 5pm on April 27. The completed add/drop form must be submitted to gradstudies@case.edu by 5pm on April 27.

No Make-Up Days for March 16-17: Because the cancellation of classes Monday and Tuesday (March 16-17) was part of the university’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, they are being treated as the equivalent of cancellations required by inclement weather. The last day of classes remains Monday, April 27.

Reading Days Remain: The reading days scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday (April 28-29) also are unchanged.

Extensions on milestones and deadlines:  We realize that the COVID-19 pandemic may be causing delays in accessing library materials, lab work being reduced or temporarily stopped, etc. With this disruption Graduate Studies will entertain petitions for extensions on degree completion and other milestones, with the support of your advisor/department. You can find the petition form on the Graduate Studies website. You can attach electronic signatures on emails from your faculty to your petition. They should be submitted to gradstudies@case.edu.

"Zoombombing" Prevention during your defense: The news has been full of stories about malicious individuals entering Zoom sessions to spread racist and misogynistic speech and, in some instances, pornographic content. While university classes have been a frequent target, businesses and influencers also have been victims. To prevent such intrusions in your thesis and dissertation defenses, you should follow the prevention information [U]Tech offers.

Post-Grad Planning and Experiential Education (Career Center): As to be expected, there may be anxiety about post graduation employment, internships and other work related experiences. The staff in the Post-Grad Planning and Experiential Education office are conducting advising  appointments and virtual events such as workshops, information sessions and career fairs. Individual appointments via Zoom or telephone may be requested via Journey. A list of workshops and events can be found on the events tab in Handshake.

Contacting Grad Studies: Staff in the School of Graduate Studies will be working remotely so that questions can be answered and petitions approved. Electronic signatures of students and faculty will be accepted as well as email confirmations of approvals. We will be responding to voicemails (216.368.4390) and emails gradstudies@case.edu

Please remember to take care of yourself at this time. Take frequent breaks from COVID-19 focused news and social media. Remember social distancing does not mean social isolation. Stay in touch with your friends and others.  If you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed, please contact counseling services at 216.368.5872. If you are not feeling well, stay home, stay away from others and if you are on campus you can contact health services at 216.368.2450.

Best wishes,

Charles Rozek, Vice Provost for Graduate Education & Academic & Faculty Affairs