Resident Curriculum in Anatomic Pathology

Surgical Pathology

All surgical pathology cases are evaluated and reported by subspecialty teams. Postgraduate Year 1 (PGY1) Residents are usually assigned to subspecialties in two-week blocks. All blocks for PGY3 and PGY4 Residents are one week in duration. Subspecialty pathologists typically work in one-week blocks. Consequently, a PGY1 Resident works in a subspecialty with a single pathologist the first week, and a different pathologist the second week. Residents work on a one-day "cut/preview/sign-out" cycle. Direct supervision of processing of surgical specimens is an expectation of the Faculty member with whom the Resident is working. This system allows Residents to experience longitudinal contact with cases they manage. All Resident instruction in subspecialty services is provided by teams of pathologists who specialize in that particular field. Service time in the frozen section laboratory for all Residents is assigned in one-week blocks. 

Autopsy Pathology

Approximately 200 autopsies are performed at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center (UHCMC) each year, and our Residents participate in these cases. After an initial number of autopsies that are closely instructed and monitored by the Autopsy Director and senior Residents, our PGY1 residents are primarily responsible for the performance of autopsies in concert with a senior Faculty member. In addition, a senior (PGY3 or PGY4) resident is always assigned as a backup on the Autopsy service, in the event that more than 2 autopsies occur on a given day. The schedule for the senior Autopsy Resident has recently been restructured so that in addition to providing backup for autopsies, the senior Autopsy Resident has a structured schedule that includes service on the Neuropathology, Gastrointernal biopsy, and liver biopsy services. In addition, residents rotate at the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s office and participate in forensic autopsies. 


Our Residents receive structured training in cytopathology, beginning with a focused week of intensive instruction in basic principles of cytopathology. Our Residents participate in the daily sign-out of clinical cases and attend rapid on-site evaluations of fine needle aspiration cases. Our Department has an Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accredited cytopathology fellowship, directed by Dr. Claire Michael.