Surgical Pathology

Section Director: Jay Wasman, MD

Our Department processes approximately 35,000 surgical specimens per year. In addition, the Department of Dermatology accessions and signs out approximately 18,000 dermatopathology specimens annually at UHCMC. Our Department works collaboratively with the Department of Dermatology in the clinical and educational aspects of Dermatopathology. The range of surgical specimens is broad, and virtually every anatomic site is represented in our case material. Service is provided by the following subspecialty teams.

Subspecialty Team Leader
Gastrointestinal Pathology Ken Friedman, MD
Genitourinary Pathology Greg MacLennan, MD
Lung/Head and Neck Pathology Jay Wasman, MD  
Breast Pathology Hannah Gilmore, MD
Gynecologic Pathology  Raymond Redline, MD
Pediatric/Perinatal Pathology      Raymond Redline, MD
Bone, Soft Tissue and Skin Pathology Robin Elliott, MD
Neuropathology Mark Cohen, MD and Marta Couce, MD, PhD
Ophthalmic Pathology Marta Couce, MD, PhD
Transplant Pathology Miro Sekulic, MD
Cardiac Pathology Miro Sekulic, MD
Medical Liver Pathology Wendy Liu, MD, PhD
Medical Renal Pathology Miro Sekulic, MD