Genomic and Molecular Pathology

Division Chief, Navid Sadri, MD, PhD

The Division of Genomic and Molecular Pathology (GMP) of the Department of Pathology at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center (UHCMC) and Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) School of Medicine is a subspecialized academic department that provides molecular diagnostic services for University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and associated Health System. There are three lab sections of GMP: Cytogenetics Laboratory (Director: Shashirekha Shetty, PhD), Molecular Genetics Laboratory (Director: Thomas Prior, PhD), and University Hospitals Translational Laboratory (Director: Navid Sadri, MD, PhD).  David Alouani, PhD is the Director of Bioinformatics. 


Section Medical Director: Shashi Shetty, PhD

The Cytogenetics Laboratory is a full-service laboratory with board-certified laboratory professionals providing comprehensive testing services including:

  • Chromosome analysis for prenatal samples, peripheral blood, skin fibroblasts, tissues, bone marrow, leukemic blood, lymphomas, lymph nodes and solid tumors
  • Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH) services for a variety of specimen types including prenatal, postnatal, hematological malignancies and solid tumors.   Both paraffin and non-paraffin specimens are processed. 
  • Microarray testing for congenital disorders

Cytogenetics Laboratory innovations have also led to increased efficiency by collaborating with hematopathologists and hematologists. A cost-effective data-driven testing algorithm has been developed to optimize test utilization and improve patient care.

Medical Genetics

Section Medical Director: Sara Akhavanfard, MD, PhD, FCAMG 

The Molecular Genetics Laboratory offers a variety of testing using PCR-based methodologies, DNA hybridization, methylation analysis, multiple ligation-dependent-dependent probe amplification (MLPA),  Luminex assay, chimerism engraftment testing, Invader assay, Sanger and NGS sequencing analysis.

University Hospitals Translational Laboratory (UHTL) 

Section Medical Director: Navid Sadri MD, PhD
Bioinformatics Director: David Alouani, PhD

UHTL provides a variety of next generation sequencing testing which include: (1) somatic oncology, (2) infectious disease, (3) germline testing, and (4) pharmacogenomics. Our full-service molecular laboratory offers both clinical testing as well as translational research collaborations.
UHTL is also home to a strong group of five bioinformaticians. The group main tasks involve, the analysis of next-generation sequencing data for cancer, virology and microbiology clinical samples. The implementation of machine-learning algorithms to improve diagnostic. The automation of laboratory workflow. The development of easy to use platforms/portals for metadata entry, database query and reporting.