Genomic and Molecular Pathology

Division Chief, Navid Sadri, MD, PhD


The Cytogenetics Laboratory at the Center for Human Genetic Laboratory is a full service laboratory and provides high quality chromosome analysis for prenatal (amniotic fluid, chorionic villi), products of conception, postnatal (peripheral blood, skin fibroblasts), hematology (bone marrow, leukemic blood, lymph nodes), and oncology (solid tumors).  Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH) services for a variety of specimen types including prenatal, postnatal, hematological malignancies and solid tumors.  Both paraffin and non-paraffin specimens are processed.

Section Medical Director: Shashi Shetty, PhD

Medical Genetics

The Molecular Genetics Laboratory at the Center for Human Genetics Laboratory offers a variety of testing using PCR-based methodologies, DNA hybridization, methylation analysis, Invader assay, Sanger and NGS sequencing analysis. Our full-service molecular laboratory offers both clinical testing as well as translational research collaborations

Section Medical Director: Shulin Zhang, PhD

Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory 

The Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory provides an array of molecular testing – including infectious diseases as well as oncology based single gene mutation and methylation assays. The laboratory is also the central site for DNA extractions for all oncology testing. 

Section Medical Director: Lan Zhou MD, PhD

University Hospitals Translational Laboratory (UHTL) 

UHTL provides Next Generation (deep) Sequencing testing for UH Cleveland Medical Center. The two most prominent activities of the UHTL are identification of (i) molecular signatures in solid and myeloid malignancies linked to targeted therapeutic agents and patient prognosis and (ii) identification of mutations associated with resistance to HIV-1 therapy.

Section Medical Director: Navid Sadri MD, PhD

Bioinformatics Director: David Alouani, PhD