Faculty in Anatomic Pathology

Name Title Phone Email
James Anderson, MD Professor 216.368.0279 james.anderson@case.edu
Stefanie Avril, MD Assistant Professor  216.844.3890 stefanie.avril@case.edu
Christina Bagby, DO Assistant Professor 216.844.8238 christina.bagby@uhhospitals.org
Philip Bomeisl, DO Assistant Professor 216.844.1571  phillip.bomeisl@uhhospitals.org
Mark Cohen, MD Professor of Pathology 216.844.8928 mark.cohen@case.edu
Marta Couce, MD, PhD Professor of Pathology 216.844.1807 marta.couce@case.edu
Robin Elliott, MD Assistant Professor 216.844.7442 robin.elliott@uhhospitals.org
Kenneth Friedman, MD Assistant Professor 216.844.7379 kenneth.friedman@uhhospitals.org
Hannah Gilmore, MD Division Chief, Associate Professor 216.844.7118 hannah.gilmore@uhhospitals.org
Aparna Harbhajanka, MD Assistant Professor   aparna.harbhajanka@uhhospitals.org
Holly Harper, MD Assistant Professor 216.844.6037 holly.harper@case.edu
Wendy Liu, MD, PhD Assistant Professor  216.844.8070 wendy.liu@uhhospitals.org
Gregory MacLennan, MD Professor 216.844.7452 gregory.maclennan@uhhospitals.org
Claire Michael, MD Professor 216.844.0137 claire.michael@uhhosptals.org
Sanjita Ravishankar, MD Assistant Professor 216.844.1815 sanjita.ravishankar@uhhospitals.org
Raymond Redline, MD Professor 216.844.1813 raymond.redline@case.edu
Shahrazad Saab, MD Assistant Professor 216.844.1078 shahrazad.saab@uhhospitals.org
Jay Wasman, MD Assistant Professor 216.844.7118 jay.wasman@uhhospitals.org
Joseph Willis, MD Professor 216.844.8292 joseph.willis@case.edu
Michael Yang, MD Assistant Professor 216.983.3421  michael.yang@uhhospitals.org
Wei Xin, MD, PhD Assistant Professor 216.844.4976 wei.xin@case.edu