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MS in Pathology (Molecular & Cellular Biology of Disease)

Tailor your educational path towards medical or research professions with our Molecular & Cellular Pathology Program. Ideal for those driven to combat disease, whether at the forefront of research or directly impacting patient care.

Led by distinguished faculty, our basic science program specializes in four scientific areas: Cancer Biology, Immunology, Infectious Disease, and Neurodegeneration. Customize your focus and trajectory to align with your academic needs and career aspirations. Our adaptable curriculum empowers you to select from a diverse range of courses and complete the MS Program in 16 months or less. While research opportunities abound for all students, participation is optional, granting you the flexibility to tailor your experience to your unique journey.

Track Name Track Description
Healthcare Career Track Preparation for medical school or US residency programs
Research Career Track Preparation for PhD programs or biotech employment

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MS Degree for CWRU Employees

A program leading to the Master of Science degree in Pathology is available to laboratory technicians who are employed by Case Western Reserve University. Students in this program must be full-time university employees and must have the agreement of their supervisor to begin part-time studies.

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MD/MS for current CWRU medical students

The Pathology Graduate Program participates in a combined degree program that grants an MS in Biomedical Investigation to current medical students.  This five-year dual degree program is designed for students who are pursuing careers in basic or clinical research at academic medical centers.  Eligible applicants are current medical students at the CWRU School of Medicine or the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine.

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