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Findings open the way to more precise diagnoses and treatments of Alzheimer’s disease

Case Western Reserve University-led research team discovers why some cases result in rapid decline and death. (January 13, 2022)

What to look for as COVID-19 testing demands rise

"What's going to satisfy the person as far as the result that they get? Some people would be satisfied with an antigen test, a lower sensitivity, and other people are going to want to have it confirmed by PCR," Dr. Peter Zimmerman, Pathology professor at Case Western Reserve University told us. (December 23, 2021)

2021 Class of Distinguished Physician

Congratulations Drs. Clifford V. Harding, MD, PhD, Gregory T. MacLennan, MD, & Navid Sadri, MD, PhD for receiving the 2021 Distinguished UH Physician Award. (Nov 10, 2021)

7th Annual Department of Pathology Research Retreat 

2021 Department of Pathology Retreat, November 6th, 2021. Posters, John R. Carter, and Michael E. Lamm awardees, and more.

New Research at the 2021 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting Captures SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Patterns in Vaccinated and Naturally Infected Individuals

The study led by Xiaochun Zhang, MD, PhD, UH Clinical Pathology, showed how antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus can vary between those who receive a COVID-19 vaccine and naturally infected individuals. (Oct. 29, 2021)

Company’s esophageal cancer prevention tests developed jointly by medical school faculty at Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals 

Joseph Willis, Professor and Vice Chair of Translational Research, and colleagues completed a $70 million initial public offering (IPO) on the Nasdaq Global Market for Lucid Diagnostics Inc. (Oct. 19, 2021)

Research team recognized with 2021 Emeritage Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques en Côte d’Ivoire Prize for Scientific Research

Chris King, a professor of pathology affiliated with the Center for Global Health and Diseases, and Catherine Bjerum, a senior research associate, were part of a team recognized with the 2021 Emeritage Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques en Côte d’Ivoire (CSRS) Prize for Scientific Research. The award honors work on studies on the elimination of lymphatic filariasis and malaria. (Sept. 24, 2021)

First atomic-level imaging of lethal prions provides sharpened focus for potential treatments

Using cryo-electron microscopy, researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and National Institutes of Health open door to new level of detail in study of abnormal proteins that cause untreatable neurodegenerative conditions (Aug 30, 2021).

National Institute on Aging awards $15.4 million to continue support for Cleveland Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center

The National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded a grant expected to total $15.4 million. Center is one of 31 NIH-funded centers in the nation (Aug 26, 2021).

Immunology T32 Training Program Renewal

The NIAID-sponsored Immunology T32 Leadership Track Training Program has been renewed for an additional 5 years with a 50% increase in the number of available slots for trainee support. A call for applications will be released in early Fall of 2021 (Aug 16, 2021).

CWRU researchers discover interior organization of the nucleolus

The research team, led by Alan Tartakoff, professor in the Department of Pathology at the School of Medicine, pulled out the nucleus’ axial strand of DNA and observed that its DNA axis is surrounded by two layers of critical protein complexes (Aug. 10, 2021)

Could a type of dementia be diagnosed through skin? University Hospitals, Case Western researchers are trying to find out

Professor Shu Chen and Assistant Professor Allison Kraus from the School of Medicine were noted for their roles as part of a new research team looking into whether a skin sample or a nasal swab could hold the key to identifying a certain type of dementia (July 29, 2021)

Research roundup: How prions replicate and more

Research led by Jiri Safar, professor of pathology, neurology and neurosciences at the School of Medicine, was featured in BioSpace

Unraveling the origins of Alzheimer’s disease

Dr. Jiri Safar and the Safar Lab find new hints that could explain how the disease spreads in human brains (July 8, 2021)

Crain's Cleveland Business Notables in Health Care

Drs. Sanford Markowitz, Amitabh Chak, and Joseph Willis are Crain’s Cleveland Notables in Health Care Research and Innovation awardees
(May 18, 2021)

$5.5 million NIH grant supports new tests to diagnose dementias earlier and easier

Drs. Shu Chen & Allison Kraus awarded a $5.5 million NIH grant to support the development of new diagnostic tests for dementia.
(Oct. 19, 2020)

Announcing the 2020 Class of Distinguished Physicians

Drs. Hannah Gilmore, Ray Redline and Christine Schmotzer honored by appointment in the 2020 Class of Distinguished UH Physicians 
(Sept. 18, 2020)

Leadership Transition for the Center for Global Health and Diseases (CGHD) 

Dr. Adam Burgener appointed Director of the Center for Global Health and Diseases (CGHD). 
(Sept. 1, 2020)