Supervision and Evaluation of Residents

In all rotations and electives, Residents must have suitable supervision at all times from a member of the Residency Program Teaching Staff. The level of supervision that is required for individual rotations varies with the nature of the rotation and also with the experience of the Resident. Although bringing Residents to a level of competence where they are able to practice independently is a goal of the Residency Training Program, under no circumstances does the Resident engage in clinical or diagnostic activity or research without direct supervision from the faculty. As a matter of graded responsibility, senior Residents and fellows may also serve as intermediate between the junior Resident and the Attending, however ultimate responsibility for clinical decisions always resides with the faculty pathologist.

Methods of Evaluation and Use of Evaluations

Individual Evaluations

Evaluations of Resident performance are completed by faculty members after each rotation. They are assigned and collected using the internet-based service Each evaluation of a resident is immediately sent by email to the resident for comment. The evaluation with comment is forwarded to the Program Director for review. Residents meet with the Program Director several times each year in order to review the Resident performance and to provide the Program Director with feedback on the program.

In Service Examination

The Residency Training Program subscribes to the Residency In Service Examination Program sponsored by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. Each year, Residents are required to take the part or parts of the examination that are relevant to their Training Program. Each Resident receives feedback about his examination scores and the Residency Program receives individual and aggregate scores in each tested subdiscipline.

Evaluations of Faculty by Residents

Residents are asked to anonymously evaluate faculty on an annual basis. Faculty are evaluated on a number of educational and personal qualifications that are established by residents. Assignment and collection of evaluations of faculty by residents is also conducted using the internet service

Evaluation of Program by Residents

Residents anonymously complete evaluations of program rotations on an annual basis.