Credentialing Process


HIPAA Background and Guidance

***Please note that research HIPAA is different than the training you did for clinical HIPAA.

Each hospital's credentials are unique.

Case Western Reserve University Program Students Policy for Research at CCF 

Curriculum Research - This research is during your 16 week required research block.

Students must be credentialed before starting research. This may take up to 2 months to complete.  Complete the forms under the Cleveland Clinic Credentialing directions. task in SilkRoad once launched. Students may be onboarded for up to 3 research mentors during curricular research. Students are expected to perform full-time research during their blocks (40 hours/week). Once a research project is completed you must go through the onboarding process again for a new research mentor. 

Non-curriculum research - Research outside of the 4 month required research block.

Students must be credentialed before starting research. This may take up to 2 months to complete. Complete the forms under the Cleveland Clinic Credentialing directions: Non-employee Researcher Form and task in SilkRoad once launched. In addition, students must complete the Non-curriculum research form and return the completed form to Students are allowed to be onboarded for only one research mentor at a time during non-curriculum research. Students  may perform <15 hours of research per week due to time required for curricular activities, such as IQ and CPCP. Once a research project is completed you must go through the onboarding process again for a new research mentor.  

 Cleveland Clinic

  • The process takes up to 2 months
  • Get sponsoring faculty member signature on paperwork
  • Immunizations records
  • HIPAA, compliance, patient safety on Center for Online Medical Education Training (COMET)
  • Badge/parking are good for up to 4 months
  • These online forms must be completed (Research Form, Confidentiality, Attestation Form)


Case Western Reserve School of Medicine students participating in research at Cleveland Clinic will follow the below onboarding process:

  1. Both curriculum and non-curriculum research will be onboard-ed using the Non-Employee Researcher Form
  2. Please ensure the appropriate box is checked under the academic institution and program on page 1
  3. Contact Penny Thompson ( in CCLCM with any questions on curriculum research
  4. Per the contract between Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University, health screenings will be verified in SilkRoad by CWRU Registrar

VA Hospital

Work with the Research Office, not GME.

VA-Required Human Subject Protection Education

The VA Office of Research and Development (ORD) and Collaborative IRB Training
Initiatives (CITI) have developed this training to satisfy the ORD annual training

I am enrolled in the CASE CREC program and need to register for the VA course:

  1. Log in using your CASE username and password at the website:
  2. At the Learner's Menu, select Affiliate with Another Institution
  3. Under the heading Veterans Affairs, select Cleveland, OH-541.
  4. Complete the member information page.
  5. At the Select Curriculum page, answer questions 1 through 6.
  6. Select "no" on the Select Your Organization or Institution page.
  7. Under Cleveland, OH-541, after Human Research, click on ENTER
  8. Once you have completed the course with a passing score of 80% or greater, at the Main Menu select, "View course completion history for Cleveland, OH-541", and click on "PRINT CR" at the end of the row of the refresher course.
  9. Keep the printed certificate for your records.

If you have any questions regarding registration, please call Monica O'Loughlin at 216.791.3800 x 4658.

VA Contact Info

  • Christina Raymond
    Administrative Assistant for the Research Office
    216.791.3800 (ext 4660)
  • Holly Henry
    Administrator for the Research Office
    216.791.3800 (ext 4657)

MetroHealth Medical Center

  • For assistance with your curriculum research (16 week required research block, and year-out). Please email
  • If you are doing non-curriculum research you will need to contact Bianca Jenkins. You must complete the Non-curriculum research form for research outside of your required research block. 
  • If you plan to do research at Metro:
    • First, you contact the office of medical student research at 216.368.6972 or by email
    • You must complete the research block approved schedule form for your 16 week research block.
    • You will receive an email with instructions on completing your HIPPA training and any other required documentation you may need to submit.
  • Parking for research Block only
  • Research and HIPAA (

MetroHealth Medical Center Contact Info

  • Brittany Higgins - Medical Student Coordinator (curriculum research):
    P - 216.778.7333 / F- 216-778-5862
  • Bianca Jenkins - Program Assistant (non-curriculum research):
    P - 216.778.3095 / F- 216-778-5863

University Hospital

UH Research Credentialing - Medical Student Application

CWRU Medical Student Application Steps

*Case Med Students are exempt from application fee.

Visit the UH Research Credentialing Application.

  1. Upload a completed and signed ‘UH Department Chairman Certification’ document*
  2. Read and upload a signed ‘Authorization and Release from Liability’ form*
  3. Read and upload a signed ‘University Hospitals Electronic Systems Agreement’ document*
  4. After you have completed and uploaded the required documents, be sure to click “Submit” at the bottom of the application

*All documents required for the online application can be downloaded and uploaded
through the online application.

UH Research Credentialing Notification

  1. Once all documentation is received by the UHCRC, please allow 5 to 7 business days for processing;
  2. The UHCRC will notify the applicant if any document is incomplete or if the request for access is satisfactory; and
  3. Upon completion, the UHCRC will notify the applicant and appropriate parties by e-mail that all the required steps of the UH Research Credentialing Process have been completed and the date of expiration.

UH Research Credentialing Audits

In order to ensure that the UH Research Credentialing Process and corresponding documentation has been completed, the UHCRC will perform random sample audits of five (5) UH e-mail addresses. After three (3) consecutive monthly reviews with no deficiencies have occurred, the audit will occur quarterly. The UHCRC will notify the Department causing most infractions to ensure Departments are compliant as required by this SOP.

Note The “CITI Health Information Privacy and Security(HIPS)” module and the annual “HIPAA and Clinical Research Training Quiz” will no longer be required and have been updated with a set of requirements that the applicant must agree that they understand and will abide by, on their application.

University Hospital Contact Info