Alumni Board

2023-2024 Medical Alumni Board

Executive Committee Name
President Beth B. Sersig, MD [MED '84]
Secretary Ronald E. Posner, MD [MED '63]
Awards Chair Tom I. Abelson, MD [MED ‘76]
Communications Chair

Vijay Marwaha, MD [MED ‘99]

Jennifer Van Grol, PhD [GRS'11]

Development Chair

James Lieberman, MD [MED'74]

Frederick M. Schnell, MD, FACP [MED ’74]

Diversity Chair

Mark V. Boswell, MD, PhD [GRS'82, MED'84]

Luis Tollinche, MD [MED'00]

Engagement Chair

Janet V. Cross, PhD [GRS'00]

Fred Plecha, MD [MED'87]

Nominations Chair

Pamela I. Brown, MD, PhD [MED ‘83]

Eric Rothfusz, MD [MED'84]

Past President James E. Fleming Jr., MD [MED'89]


Members at Large
Karen L. Ashby, MD [MED '88]
Virginia DeeAnne Banks, MD [MED '74]
Elaine Batchlor, MD [MED'83]
Wyatt Bensken. PhD [GRS'22] - Induction Date 10/14/23
Theodore M. Bobinsky, MD [MED '83]
Scott P. Bruder, MD, PhD [MED '89, GRS '90, MED '92]
Carol Chrestensen, PhD [GRS'11] - Induction Date 10/14/23
Paige E. Cramer, PhD [GRS '12]
Teresa E. Dews, MD [MED'88]
Michael D. Eppig, MD [MED'77]
Doris Evans, MD [MED'68]
Wendy Goodman, PhD [GRS'10] - Induction Date 10/14/23
Jannifer Drake Harper, MD [MED '81]
Gary Haynes, MD, PhD [GRS'84, MED'86]
Richard J. Koletsky, MD [ADL '72, MED '75]
Matthew E. Levy, MD [MED '90]
Nora Lindheim, MD [MED'83] - Induction Date 10/14/23
Biijesh P. Maroo, MD [MED'01]
Lolita M. McDavid, MD [MED '79]
Frances Mei Hardin, MD [MED'17] - Induction Date 10/14/23
James F. Neuenschwander, MD [MED'95]
Balaram Puligandla, MD [MED'80]
Carmen D. Pannell, MD [MED'82]
James F. Rambasek, MD [MED'70]
Barrett J. Rollins, MD, PhD [GRS '79, MED '80]
Allen S. Roth, MD [MED '83]
Edward S. Sadar, MD [ADL'64, MED'68]
Kristen Sherman, MD [MED'99] - Induction Date 10/14/23
Jeffrey Britten Shroyer, MD [MED '86]
Jeff Soldatis, MD [MED'87] - Induction Date 10/14/23
Gail M. Stennies, MD, MPH [MED'85]
Alan Weiss, MD [WRC'94, MED'98] - Induction Date 10/14/23

Ex Officio: Deans of Student Societies, Graduate Studies, and Alumni Affairs

Office Name
Blackwell/McKinley Society Todd Otteson, MD, MPH
Frederick Robbins Society

Angelique Redus- McCoy, MD

H. Jack Geiger Society Marjorie L. Greenfield, MD [MED ’83]
David Satcher Society

Jill Azok, MD

Joseph Wearn Society Steven A. Ricanati, MD [MED ’95]

The Gerberding Society

Jason Lambrese, MD

School of Medicine, Graduate Studies Marvin T. Nieman, PhD

Student Representatives

Graduation Year Name School Program
Class of 2024 Emily Manning University
Class of 2024 Gus Roversi CCLCM
Class of 2025 Shravya Gogula University
Class of 2025 Monica Nair CCLCM
Class of 2026 Brian Bangs University
Class of 2026 Mario Tcheukado CCLCM
PhD Candidate Marina Bostelman Graduate Studies
PhD Candidate Kendall Hoover Graduate Studies
PhD Candidate Alyssa Hubal Graduate Studies
PhD Candidate Callie Ogland-Hand Graduate Studies











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