Clinical Electives

Senior Case Western Reserve University medical students, under the guidance of faculty advisors, self-arrange the final year of medical school to meet graduation requirements. The scheduling process is student-initiated and requires students to inform the School Of Medicine Registrar when electives have been arranged with a designated hospital coordinator or a faculty sponsor.

The on-line course catalog primarily contains descriptions for clinical and non-clinical student electives at affiliated hospitals who welcome our senior students. Students who are making satisfactory progress are free to select any of the electives listed in the catalog but need not limit themselves to these alone. Other electives, particularly student-initiated, can be arranged and can count toward graduation requirements.

Senior CWRU medical students should carefully review scheduling information on the School Of Medicine Registrar page and the Course Catalog to fully understand scheduling requirements.

Electives Not in Course Catalog

  • Enrichment Opportunities
  • International Electives (submit applications through Office of Education Abroad Portal)
    • electives that take place outside of the United States
    • SOM Registrar's Office will be notified to enroll once application is complete and all required documents uploaded prior to departure
    • students must still use CAS for international rotations
  • Unlisted Electives
    • electives self-arranged at affiliated hospitals which are not listed in the online Course Catalog
    • away electives arranged through VSLO (Visiting Student Learning Opportunities)
    • away electives arranged outside of VSLO