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Study Design and Statistical Analysis

To get assistance with your study design and statistical analysis, please contact Hasina Momotaz from the Center of Clinical Investigation (CCI's) Core (WRB 6102C, email ( For detailed information and guidelines on services offered please read Statistical Assistance Guidelines 2018.

Expectations of Research Mentors

Expectations of Medical Students and Research Mentor.

1. CWRU Medical students have a required 4 month research block that is usually performed in their 3rd and 4th years of medical school for years 2025 and prior. The actual research time is usually divided into two 8 week blocks of time that is scheduled in between clinical core time.  Some students have a full 16 week research block, it just depends on the schedule they receive. 

Beginning with the Class of 2026 their 12 weeks of their research will be completed the summer after Yr-1 and the last 4 weeks will be completed before year Yr-4.  Below are the requirements for completion of Research and Scholarship curriculum.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact

The following documents are required and must be submitted through Canvas using the links above. Please Note: if you miss your scheduled due dates please send an email to and your dates will be extended so that you will be able to upload your documents.

Find out how your thesis is graded : Clinical Research,  Basic Science, and Quality Improvements.

If you have published a first author manuscript for your research during medical school, it may count as your MD Thesis. In order for your publication to be accepted as your thesis the actual pdf article must be submitted through Easel > click on the "Thesis/Project/Publication" tab > click "First Author Publication" > upload your pdf. The Office of Medical Student Research must approve your submitted paper. A link can be found in the System and Scholarship Course link above.

2. Please watch this short video explaining the research requirement and mentor expectations. 

How to become an MD Thesis reviewer 

Please contact send an email to to express interest. Please feel free to browse these available forms:

By participating as a mentor, you are providing both critical mentoring as well as research education to our medical students! Please review the Expectations of Medical Students and Research Mentors. Once the research project has been completed you will be asked to complete a Mentor Assessment of Medical Student Research Form.

Education Hours for Core MD Teaching Activities

  1. Research Block Primary Advisor (up to 75hr)- 75 hours
  2. Research Block Secondary Advisor- 10% of contact time taken from Primary and given in percentage in time
  3. Research Block Advisor for students doing research block out of town- 2 hours per student
  4. MD Thesis reviewer- 2 hours per thesis