Teaching by Postdocs

Teaching by Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows

The policies that govern the eligibility of Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows to teach are determined primarily by the funding agency that supports the postdoctoral trainee. Those agencies include the federal government and other outside agencies as well as Case Western Reserve University departments and programs.

When teaching is permitted, the research training experience must remain primary and the postdoc and their mentor must make certain that teaching does not jeopardize the quality or quantity of time devoted to the research training.

Teaching Duties Included in Postdoctoral Position

Discipline specific standards may include teaching as part of a postdoc's training program. In these cases, compensation for teaching is included in the postdoc's regular salary/stipend, so no additional compensation for teaching is permitted. Such teaching duties should normally be specified in the letter of appointment.

Teaching Duties Additional to Postdoctoral Position

Additional teaching activities may be arranged (on a case-by-case basis) when the following conditions are met:

  • Approval of the faculty member
  • When allowed by the funding source
  • Occurring on a limited, part-time basis

Mentors or department administrators should determine in advance of making any teaching appointment if there are any funding agency restrictions concerning if/how teaching can be assigned; portion of effort devoted to the research and teaching; and compensation.

For teaching assignments, above and beyond the postdoctoral position, postdocs should be appointed as temporary academic staff (such as instructor) under the appropriate employment terms.