Gain Teaching Experience

Get formal guidance in how to create and deliver a lesson that will effectively reach your students.

Expanding Teaching Experiences for Doctoral Students (ExTEnD) 

The CWRU SOM ExTEnD program was designed to give doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows in the School of Medicine a formal program through which to locate training and opportunities to experience teaching at the college and university level. Participants in this program complete a one-semester, seminar-style course taught by Educational Student Services to learn the basics of curricular design, development, and delivery. They are required to then complete at least two significant teaching experiences. At the end of each teaching experience, participants should obtain feedback from the students. Upon completion of the program requirements, participants will get a formal letter from the program director stating their completion of the program as well as experiences gained and feedback received as part of the program. This letter can be used in applications for future positions at universities or colleges. 


This program is open to all doctoral students and post-docs in the CWRU School of Medicine. Doctoral students must have completed at least one full year of their program. All participants must have the approval of their PI before beginning the program. To apply to this program, the student should send us an email expressing their interest. 

Program Requirements

To complete the program, students must meet the following three requirements:

  1. Permission of your PI. Please ask your PI to email confirming their support of you completing this program.  
  2. Complete the UNIV 401 course. This course is offered through UCITE and is typically offered in both spring, summer and fall. This ungraded and 0 credit course teaches the basics of instruction, including student inclusion, curriculum, etc. 
  3. Participate in a variety of at least two different significant teaching experiences:
    • Adjunct instruction for a full course at an accredited university.
    • Co-teach a course at CWRU or another accredited university.
    • Guest lecture for a total of at least 5 course hours.
    • Facilitate for MGRD 310/410 or similar small group facilitating experience.
    • Other significant opportunities as approved by the program director.
  4. For each teaching experience, obtain formal feedback from students on your instruction. All feedback should be 100% anonymous.