Open Forum

Open forum meeting. Sue at the Forefront, other staffers sitting around conference tables

‌Great universities require great information technology. To that end, a collaborative and inclusive process is underway to reduce Case Western Reserve University’s risk profile and optimize IT campus-wide.

Assistance from leaders and IT professionals across every school, college and administrative (UGEN) unit is needed to ensure this process is successful. Meetings with executives, deans, chief technology officers, business officers and the Faculty Senate Committee on Information Communication and Technology (FSCICT) are being held. Feedback from campus IT professionals is also a critical element at this stage. 

Sue B. Workman, vice president of Information Technology Services and chief information officer, hosted an open forum to discuss the vision and goals of this important initiative. The forum presented an opportunity for interested parties to provide input and ask questions.

To view the open forum in it's entirety and review Sue B. Workman's presentation please utilize the links below.

Documentation and Media

Open Forum Presentation Download the Open Forum Presentation PDF
Open Forum Video Watch Video
Open Forum SWOT Analysis Download Open Forum SWOT Analysis PDF