Initiative IV – Strengthen IT Foundations, Infrastructure, Operations and User Experiences

562,031,861,212,119 - Bytes of data stored in CWRU Google Drive.

118,115,036,613,837 - Bytes of data stored in CWRU Gmail.

344,756,025 - Email messages passed through spam/virus filtering system in the past year.

1,268,027 - End-user minutes saved by Single Sign-On automation per year.

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Robust Infrastructure = Positive User Experiences

Initiative IV strengthens CWRU’s IT foundations, infrastructure and operations to enhance the user experience. UTech strives to provide the best products and tools to meet the rising technology needs from the campus community. These facts and stories highlight UTech’s emphasis on strong and secure infrastructure and ongoing systems for collaboration and communication:

  • UTech engineers upgraded the firewalls of the two local data centers to secure and protect the university’s information stored there.
  • UTech modified Charity Choice administrative pages to allow entry of donations made via check, making it easier for employees to participate in this annual fundraising event.
  • The CWRU Google Map was upgraded by UTech to a more modern version that provides a better user experience on both mobile devices and computers. The new version provides an interface that is easier to use and a map that is more reliable.
  • UTech implemented the Schedule of Classes WorkCenter for administrative staff, which provides users a single place to access information needed to schedule classes. 
  • The Terra Dotta software for International Student Services and Human Resource Services was implemented by UTech to create an interface from Student Information Systems to provide the most current international student biographic and academic information for reporting to the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.
  • UTech worked with the School of Law to completely redesign the Intranet on a new server with an up-to-date Content Management System. The new site uses Single Sign-On for more convenient and secure access.
  • UTech upgraded the network switch infrastructure in 75% of CWRU’s academic buildings, enhancing network management.
  • UTech added new codes to the Human Capital Management system to allow HR to track and report on FMLA employee information.
  • UTech created an online process and database for faculty information at the College of Arts and Sciences to use to report their annual academic activity to the Dean's Office.
  • In a campus-wide effort, UTech implemented Google Groups to replace Sympa for creation of electronic mailing lists.
  • In collaboration with the Office of the Provost, UTech, all the Schools within the university and select departments are building a Faculty Information System to allow for a single source of faculty data, increased security of data and enhanced reporting capabilities.
  • An Access Services integration solution was redesigned by UTech to allow systems to talk directly with each other, providing more real-time information and less chance for errors. 
  • UTech upgraded the university to OnBase 17, providing a new interface and augmented browser support for campus users. OnBase is used for secure document management. 

Success Stories

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A routine accreditation check turned into cause for celebration at the Animal Resource Center, following a very successful site visit by a fact-finding team. Special attention was called to commend the center for IT upgrades to computer- and tablet-based technologies and more efficient electronic management of animals and their cages. UTech led the charge for these technology upgrades.

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The Student Information System is turning a new page in summer 2018. In addition to updating the system with the only upgrade released by the vendor since CWRU went live in 2008, the cross-functional team used this opportunity to make key investments to improve overall system functionality. Key benefits of the upgrade and improvements include: 

  • Homepages that are more modern and intuitive
  • Easier requests for class permissions and approvals
  • Real-time account statements
  • Preferred name, personal pronoun and gender identity options for students

The upgrade will be implemented before students return for the fall semester.

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UTech strives to deliver excellent client experiences to the campus community. For example:

  • UTech helped University Marketing + Communications during an unexpected flood in Adelbert Hall. UTech staff quickly and safely rescued a myriad of wires, plugs, monitors and computers—likely saving significant dollars in replacement fees for equipment and time lost to corrupted files.
  • Several staff members came together to provide emergency diagnostics on a malfunctioning computer, followed by hard drive extraction, for an associate dean at the Case School of Engineering—during the university’s closure at the end of December 2017.