Executive Summary Introduction and Strategic Goals

Cropped CWRU outdoor stone sign

Information Technology impacts virtually every person at Case Western Reserve. [Re] Imagining IT shows how enhanced technology and related services will support excellence in education and research across all disciplines. A strong focus of improving IT experiences for the entire Case Western Reserve University community is woven throughout the entire plan. Furthermore, it advances our progress towards key initiatives that support the university’s mission and strategic plan. 

The plan includes collaborative outreach to Case Western Reserve’s outstanding partners within University Circle, across greater Cleveland and around the globe. It is a multi-year, results-oriented roadmap, intended to be innovative, realistic and relevant to all facets of Case Western Reserve University. Our goal is to provide direction for years to come. It aims to achieve greater efficiencies in the use of IT resources at a time when fiscal prudence is essential. Our resources will be directed toward the university’s primary goals, as well as support constituents’ overall efforts in education and research. 

The Strategic Goals 

The foundation of [Re] Imagining IT is comprised of three interconnected, overarching goals. Rooted in the voice of the campus, these goals are central to the ability of IT to enable the university’s mission. 

Address Fundamental Elements: We will provide strong, basic IT services and infrastructure essential to support the CWRU community. 

Break Down Barriers: We will answer our university community’s strongly expressed desires for simplicity, agility and clarity in their everyday technology experiences to improve their engagement with information and each other. 

Advance Innovation: Case Western Reserve University needs to further its position as a global leader in scholarly achievement, leading-edge research and compelling learning experiences.