Overview - Strategic Goals

Outdoor shot of KSL in spring

The plan is organized by strategic goals and initiatives, recommendations and action items. All action items will align within one or more of this plan’s goals: Address Fundamental Elements, Break Down Barriers or Advance Innovation. The goals will serve as guide posts for tracking the progress of the plan. Each action item will be assigned to an owner or group of owners that will create an implementation plan. The timing of that implementation will depend on many variables, such as university strategic initiatives, available funding, available staff, technology readiness, climate preparation and community feedback. 

Address Fundamental Elements

For CWRU to be successful, it is crucial for the institution to have strong basic services and infrastructure. These fundamental elements include a continual process of seeking opportunities to maintain and modernize existing infrastructure and services. We will provide the strong basic IT services and infrastructure essential to support the Case Western Reserve community. 

Break Down Barriers

The CWRU community has expressed a strong desire for simplicity, agility and clarity in everyday technology experiences. IT will focus on improving the ability for individuals to connect, streamlining the flow of information, increasing data sharing, enhancing data analysis and providing reliable technology. We will answer our university community’s strongly expressed desires for simplicity, agility and clarity in their everyday technology experiences to improve their engagement with information and each other. 

Advance Innovation

Innovation will help position CWRU as a university that enables scholarly achievement, exploration and entrepreneurship resulting from discovery and the expansion of knowledge through the use of information technology. Case Western Reserve University needs to further its position as a global leader in scholarly achievement, leading-edge research and compelling learning experiences.