Initiative I

Support Student Success and Enhance the Student Experience

Information technology is pervasive in the lives of nearly all members of the CWRU community, and especially of students. Young people are accustomed to constant connection - with one another, their studies and their play. In this context, students have high expectations of both the ubiquity of technology on campus and its continuous accessibility. 

CWRU has invested heavily in providing computing devices for student use in classrooms, labs and other locations. Even though almost all students own computers and mobile devices, students still draw value from university facilities housing technology and devices. Many find these fixed locations appealing because their ease of use or special purpose software. As technology is constantly changing, fixed locations may become virtual.

Action Item 1.1: Conduct a biennial, collaborative and inclusive analysis of the value of student technology workspaces. 

Action Item 1.2: Assess and review the technology capabilities within physical collaborative spaces available to the students, with the intent of promoting a productive work space environment to help students work together or individually. 

Personalized learning facilitates the academic success of each student by first determining individual learning needs, interests and aspirations and then providing customized learning experiences. Beyond the traditional campus and post-secondary period, opportunities exist to engage people in a life-long learning process.

Action Item 2.1: Simplify and improve access to information about academic preparation, success factors and progress for students, faculty and other advisors. 

Action Item 2.2: Create resources for students to learn technologies commonly used in careers and in research endeavors. Such opportunities can help students to increase their potential for success as students and upon graduation. 

Action Item 2.3: Provide students the opportunity to gain meaningful experiences in applying their skills to university IT projects.

CWRU should ensure that incoming students find IT performance and capabilities equal to or better than from their homes or previous scholastic environments. 

Action Item 3.1: Through research and informal surveys, improve IT’s understanding of the educational, research and extracurricular technology needs of students, both now and for the future, and ensure that the technologies and services offered are appropriate and supported adequately. 

Action Item 3.2: Collaborate with Residence Life and Student Services to ensure that students who reside on campus have the technology they need to assist them with scholarly activities. 

Action Item 3.3: Create a “one-stop” digital location for students to get information, help and support for their use of common university services and resources.