Google Meet is Suggested Alternative in Event of Zoom Outage

Zoom experienced a significant worldwide outage August 24. [U]Tech understands the disruption that this caused, especially to faculty and students on the first day of classes. 

Zoom is the recommended primary video conferencing platform at Case Western Reserve University because it provides a combination of robust features and ease of use. However, should Zoom become unavailable again in the future, Google Meet is the recommended alternative application.

Google Meet, part of CWRU’s G Suite offering, is extremely easy to use. [U]Tech has published a quick start guide, including recommendations on how to prepare for a quick switch to Google Meet in case of a Zoom outage. Google Meet has many of the same features as Zoom, but not all. Review the complete feature comparison chart for details. With a little preparation, it will take a few minutes to implement a videoconferencing backup plan.

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