Prepare a Backup Plan in the Event of a Zoom Outage While Teaching

Last fall, Zoom experienced a significant worldwide outage on the first day of classes for Case Western Reserve University. Although this turned out to be a rare event, [U]Tech would like to remind faculty that it is always good to have a backup plan when relying on technology for teaching.

Zoom is the recommended primary video conferencing platform at Case Western Reserve University because it provides a combination of robust features and ease of use. However, should Zoom ever become unavailable again, Google Meet is the recommended alternative application.

Google Meet, part of CWRU’s G Suite offering, is easy to use. [U]Tech has published a quick start guide, including recommendations on how to prepare for a quick switch to Google Meet in case of a Zoom outage. During the fall, Google added many “Zoom-like” features to Meet. Review the updated feature comparison chart for details. With a little preparation, it will take a few minutes to implement a videoconferencing backup plan.

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