Protect Against Malware

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

10 Tips to Help You Stay Safe from Malware*

Malware is a type of program designed to infect computers and devices. Once installed, malware allows cyber-attackers to spy on your online activities, steal passwords, delete or encrypt files or use your system to attack others.

  1. Use anti-virus software, and keep it updated.
  2. Keep operating systems updated and patched.
  3. Install software and apps only from trusted sites.
  4. Only click on links or open attachments in emails you were expecting.
  5. Report incidents, such as if you have been hacked, to the [U]Tech Service Desk at / 216.368.HELP (4357) /
  6. Do not open unexpected email attachments.
  7. Never pay a ransom to unlock encrypted files.
  8. Do not click on untrusted or suspicious email links.
  9. Do not plug untrusted USB drives into computers or devices.
  10. If your computer has been infected, don’t try to fix the problems. Report it instead.

Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Secure Online!

Visit the [U]Tech’s Information Security Office (ISO) at for security tips and news.

*Content courtesy of the SANS Institute