Security Analyst Dissects Job Scam

Email Scam Investigation

Here is an example of a recent job scam we received. Can you spot the spelling and grammar errors? Bonus points for spotting words or phrases that are extraneous, in all caps, or are not commonly used in American English. All of these red flags have been boxed (in red!), with an explanation for why they’re suspicious.

Analysis of a common job scam email received, pointing out grammar and spelling errors and logical inconsistencies.




The spelling errors, grammatical errors, use of all caps, and the other red flags listed give me a bad gut feeling that this is a scam. Does your gut feel the same?

If you receive emails like this, mark them as spam or phishing so Google can filter all of these emails to prevent others from falling victim. Or, report it to the Information Security Office at, and we can take necessary action.


Written By:

Katherine Starr
Information Assurance Analyst
CWRU Information Security Office