A.W. Smith 329

Room Features

  • Type: Lecture Hall
  • Capacity: 54
  • Room Type: Academic Lecture
  • Seating: Fixed Tables and Chairs, Tiered
  • Board: Chalk
  • Flooring: Carpet

Technology (Level 2 HD)

  • Touch Panel: 15" Color Active Matrix LCD with variable size video window and touch control.
  • Video Projection: 1280 x 720 (native) Resolution; 1280 x 720 max. Light Output 3,500 ANSI lumen.
  • Blu-Ray: Blu-Ray HD Video, DVD-Video, MP3-CD, CD-R/CD-RW playback.
  • Doc Camera: Progressive Scan; Resolution 1024 x 768 (native). Continuous Auto Focus; 24x Zoom; "Image Turn"; 9 Picture Memory; Text Enhancer.
  • Speakers: Stereo Sound System.
  • Windows PC: Windows 7.
  • All HD level Classrooms feature HDMI connectivity for portable devices

Portable Device Connectivity

  • Laptop: Video (HD15), audio and network (DHCP).
  • Media: Composite Video (BNC/RCA) and stereo audio (RCA).
View of the classroom from the front left with row of tables with chairs
Picture of the classroom from the front right, showing the lectern with computer screen and tables and chairs for the students.
Picture of the classroom from the back right with tables and chairs, whiteboard, and lectern.
Picture of the classroom from back left showing tables and chairs, whiteboard and lectern.